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Monday, February 09, 2009

What the hell were the Grammys thinking?

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Mon Feb 9th evening
What the hell were the Grammys thinking?

I wondered all day- what would I actually post about last nights Grammys- a full out rant? or something more controlled? Hell with that! I can say, this years Grammys almost sucked, why? For one it did not flow well and some of the artists just made it go from bad to worse with odd pairings...Shall we take it back? I was expecting something spectacular from the highest honors in music.. Have the Grammys lost it's music luster? A short review.

But, before I get into all that. What the hell is wrong with Chris Brown? Damn, he beating on his girl Rhianna like that? Right before the Grammys. Chris outta be bitch slapped. Men don't hit women, only punks and cowards do.~

Where do we start people? How bout the beginning? Was it just me or was Whitney Houston higher than a kite feeling no pain? Perhaps Ms. Houston had a bit too much bubbly? yeah, right.

U2's performance-weak. The Orchestra was louder than Bono~lol
Coldplay-w/Jay Z interesting? however coldplay's Viva La Vida lacking spark.
Carrie Underwood-gave a incredible performance.. One of the best of the night.
Sugarland-was excited to accept their award for best country album? and thanked Paul McCartney-very giddy that Macca was in attendance- their performance very good I thought.

Speaking of which you never knew who was going to actually accept an award on stage. This was about performances at this years Grammys. I guess they figured the didn't want to bore the viewing audiences with. I'd like to Thank God Speeches, my family, manager, cat etc...

Great performance by Al Green was I surprised by his appearance..

Jonas bros. and Stevie Wonder-What the? No please. This should have been Stevie Wonder featuring the Jonas bros, Stevie rocked it out with Superstition. The Jonas brothers were just-pathetic!

Than there is Samuel Jackson-who, I, believed was going to introduce Paul McCartney? Wrongo, he introduces Kenny Chesney..Man was I confused by S. Jacksons introduction. Well, he said something like 'one of the biggest artists and poets, blah blah blah'.. lol

High Notes~
Lil Wayne- Gave a moving tribute to New Orleans well done..Mister Gangster~
as was The Tribute to the 4 Tops-that was brilliant also-another Top performance.

Adele-her Grammy award for best new artist/w Chasing Pavements...just lovely listening to it live. But wouldn't you know it? Kanye West, had to bitch about he, was never choosen as
Best new artist when introducing Adele..You know what I say to that? Too Fucking bad, Kanye..
stop- already...I was warmin up to you a lil bit~

Slam hits at the Grammys
Paul McCartney-Saw her Standing there with David Grohl of the Fool Fighters, Rusty & Brian
missed it? see Macca performance here unable to post it here~

Radiohead-15 Steps another Top performance

Radiohead w/USC marching band

Of course... Radiohead did not win album of the year-would you expect any less? but Plant/Krauss. What the hell? Yeah, the audiance was effin surprised also-freakin bummer. As well as Paul McCartney, not winning either Grammy nom. Double sucks! He lost to Mayer for Say-freakin lame I tell you. I think they just invited Macca expecting a larger television audiance-American Idol has more viewers than the know it..

The Grammys could have done us all a favor and nix that dreadful shrilling performance by Swift & whats her name? and let Paul McCartney run with it with a Beatles melody of his choosing-After all, this was Paul McCartney one of the Greatest living musicians of all time~

Oh but wait! The Grammys couldn't come up with something like this. They chose instead meat-by-product fillers, than wasted valuable air time of musics highest honors with some non-sense crap.

The Grammys Suck and not well. Total boycott, I'll never watch the Grammys again, done with them Fat dollar, deep pocket, shysters.. They had a chance to redeem themselves but fell 'FLAT' as usual. Next years Dammys-don't bother to watch people..The Grammys have went from Greatness in the past to Lameness in the present.

Have any highs, Lows of The Dammys? leave your comments
perhaps more ranting
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