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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paul McCartney see you at The Joint in Vegas!!

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Paul McCartney see you at The Joint in Vegas!!

Happy Valentines to all you out there. An especially exciting Valentines Day to the fans who lucky enough to get tickets to the exclusive gig-at The joint, Hard Rock Cafe, in Las Vegas..

Jamming the Lines
Today at 12 noon sharp 1000's of anxious fans (got their fingers ready) jammed the phone lines & Internet in hopes of buying a ticket to see Paul McCartney on April 19th at the Legendary Hard Rock Cafe & Casino..
Hopes were dashed for many as Ticketmaster "stated there were no floor seats available" after one minute after 12pm . How can that be? I was on the phone and the net. I could not get a seat on the net at all.. Finally after 3 attempts..I finally, was able to purchase a! almost sweat ed that one big time..

The McCartney "Joint venue" was a most difficult ticket to obtain....for fans..

Other anguished fans were disappointed as it appeared the Joint gig was sold out within minutes. However Ticketmaster, held back some tickets as persistent fans kept trying and trying-for over an hour in some cases, to secure at least, ONE ticket-with success for some while others hopes fell short. Die hard fans, will do almost anything to see Paul McCartney. Tickets were mainly sold for the main floor at $191-$218 w/surcharges...

I am so excited to see Paul McCartney again, it's been over a year plus, since I saw Paul, at Amoeba Records on Sunset in Hollywood...I can't freakin wait!

more later I'm to excited to post any more~
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