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Friday, February 13, 2009

Brian Ray Rockin it out with Paul McCartney at the Grammys

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Brian & Paul Rockin it out at the 51st annual Dammys

Brian Ray Rockin it out with Paul McCartney at the Grammys
Friday the 13th, evening~
I want to say a little something in the aftermath, in the afterglow of our performance on the Grammys on Sunday night here in LA. We kicked off a fantastic weekend the way you know you should... with a party.. it was the birthday of Pablo [sound man for Macca and AD/DC] held at Katana, where we ate and drank like kings and queens.. Ok, He ate like a queen, hahahah! kidding! I ate like a spotted pig... we had all sorts of friends pop by and stayed late. Thanks, Vernon!! Thanks, Barrie!!!-

Rehearsing for the Grammys

The next morning it was time to get to "work" because we had 2 rehearsals to do in one day.. something we've never done with Paul before. Abe Laboriel Jr [Paul's extraordinary drummer] had a prior commitment with some guitar God.... Eric something or rather, in Japan so Paul called on Dave Grohl, who had joined us on a few songs last year in Liverpool to do drum duties. Since we were only doing one song which wasn't originally recorded with keys, there was no Wix Wickens either :-(..

So.... there we were - a 4 piece band playing through a number of Paul's songs.. Honey Hush, Honey Don't, Matchbox, Let Me Roll It and Jet before we even got to the song we were performing, "I Saw Her Standing There".. we laughed, and rocked out with Dave looking and playing excitedly..

We broke it up after a few hours so they could move the gear to the Staples Center for our rehearsal there.. Once there, we played a similar set for the audience there who seemed to lose it as he sang and played a little set for them. Man, that was a blast! That night we had invites to Clive Davis' annual bash..
There was so much talent in that room, my GOD! Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Prince, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart and Paul to name just a few.. Great performances.
.Hb: Damn, how I would have loved to be at that lil happenin! Hey Bri, you didn't mention Paris Hilton? :)

The day of the show...

what can I say.. it's the big game, right? Wow, security like you've never seen into Staples... We had a skybox, we ran into a bunch of friends and had a nice [and long] day there. We watched from the audience as Radiohead and U2, Coldplay and Smokey Robinson spun their webs of coolness. I feel blessed and happy.. Paul ROCKED it, as we looked out onto an audience of the best artists of our time.. what a trip!! They went NUTS...Hb: 'Spun their webs of coolness' I like that sayin, Brian, lol

We caravanned out of there but not before Paul got swarmed and swamped by over zealous fans, but we had the best dinner ever, together afterwards.

In other news...

It now looks like I will not be joining Johnny Hallyday for his upcoming tour in France this year due to scheduling. I wish him and that fantastic band the very best!
Also, let's raise a glass to "Secret" Sid Pryce, who was just given the 'Back-Line Technician of the Year' award from Total Production International. Sid has been doing my guitars and has kept me comfortable and laughing for 7 years now. He is the best there is, having done guitars for Peter Green, The Who and Pink Floyd, back in the day. The secret is OUT! Yay, Sid!

Well, so that's it.. just wanted to keep you all in the loop!

Watch this space.. new songs are coming along nicely in my new home studio, 'Bad Manors'... soon I will have pics and some webcam moments in my process... I will run some ideas by you guys and gals and ask for some input on my marketing and strategies and choices for my new Album.

Stay close and stay warm,



Hb: Damn, Brian, sure is charming, isn't he? Must be nice to live the charmed life as a Rock Star and playing with Paul McCartney these past few years-more than a few now. I would have loved to be at that party..Sly stone & Paul, Rod Stewart,Stevie Wonder? damn~

OK, Brian, tell us how to score Tix, for upcoming events? Since 'scheduling conflicts' tell us, you will be doing small gigs here & there with Macca? dunno about Coachella? The Joint, is charging an arm and a leg, what in this economy how can one afford it!?! I don't mean to sound pessimistic but, the, ticket situation, looks kinda gloomy~for us hardcore fans-feel me?
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