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Friday, February 20, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Loves the Beatles too

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Loves the Beatles too
Feb 20th

And who can blame her? Here you thought, you, were the only one influenced by The Beatles? so was the former First lady, lol. Miss Hillary, recently told Fox News, she thought John Lennon and Paul McCartney "were geniuses". And I'm just glad I got to live throught that period," she said. Hb: Yes, they are Hillary :)
.Well, like so many Beatles fans, it depends both on mood and stage of life. I have to confess ... that the hand-clapping mode was what I first was captured by. 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' was an anthem, as you might imagine." Hb: I'll have to agree with Mrs. Clinton on that one- it does depend on your mood & what's happening in your life, to say, what your favorite period or song is at the time? It..does change
The Beatles are the song book of many lives.

Hey Jude is Hillary's Fav~
Clinton named "Hey Jude" as Favorite Foto courtesy AP Beatles song, praising its Biblical tone and seriousness — but she might have trouble heeding some of its "existential" lessons.Hb: Hey Jude, has biblical tones? it was written about John Lennons son Jullian..

Paul McCartney influenced
As the 67th Secretary of state continues her first trip abroad, following Paul McCartney's advice — "Don't carry the world upon your shoulders" — might be a little harder than it sounds.
Hb:Hillary Clinton, is smart as she is clever....heheheh

A Beatles dedication to Hillary Clinton Secretary of State

Reminds ya, of Temporary Secretary.. hehehe..almost posted that one too. Wonder if Macca will catch the lil snippet and respond to Hillary Clintons comments.?.
ps, Hillary,.. I like the new DO, as seen in recent piccies..
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