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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Macca to Release Cold Cuts & Hot Hits!

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Macca to Release Cold Cuts & Hot Hits!
from Maccablog
a Play on words above..

Are you sitting down people? Check this! I just read via Maccablog, Paul McCartney, is going to release this fabulous treasure trove filled with out takes and unused songs spaning his career over the past 40 years, called . Hot Hits & Cold Cuts.

What a lovely, freakin surprise, people. A fter all these years!? :) I had parts of this compilation myself but, I cannot find it. ahhhhh! This is really big, brilliant. What a huge surprise for McCartney fans who have begged and pleaded with Paul, for years, to release some of his solo work. Finally! Are you happy?! One of the Best album titles ever, if you ask me..

This Freakin Rawks!!!!

Cold Cuts and Hot Hits
is an intimate album as Paul guides you thru the various takes of unreleased music of songs heard & never heard before - with a twist. Paul, talks throughout these outtakes, jokes around often - even opens a can of coke to take a drink lol 'It's a Beatle Record' :):) sipping away~
I can't recall which song at this time? HA!

You feel as if you were there- in the studio with Macca. During one such out take. I was sitting in my car years ago, listening and laughed at Macca's antics, as he joked around than sang. . Miles of smiles. The sound quaility is that good . This album won't disappoint. It will blow you away. It will rock your socks off! It will fill your every desire- Maccingly speaking :) This is something truly for the diehard fans!

Hot Hits & Cold Cuts Bootleg
the bootleg certainly doesn't contain the new released versions as many many songs are to be added to the upcoming release.. Paul, Please donot disturb it. Please leave the orginal boot in tact. Pretty please with a capiatl P! It's that good, for us that have heard or own the orginal boot. The Boot of Cold Cuts & hot Hits has a personal feel.

This is gonna be great! I cannot wait for it's release! wooohooo, right on Paul!

Hot Hits & Cold Cuts a 4 cd set Out for release 2010

The set list is too long to post here. Wanna see the track listing? click here
I just clicked on The Maccablog link it's directing me to something else not the track list. Perhaps it is workin for you..

more later truly~
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