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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paul McCartney writes to President Obama- The OneVoice Movement

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Paul McCartney's writes to President Obama- The OneVoice Movement

Paul McCartney has recently written to President Barack Obama making him aware of an organisation called OneVoice ( hb: wonder if Obama- already knew of the organization?)
Good luck Paul, I applaud you efforts!! Hum, I am wonderin what Paul did say to Obama?

The OneVoice Movement currently has over 650,000 signatories (equally represented by Palestinians and Israelis-) and they work steadfastly towards a two state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, endeavoring to ensure that the voice of the moderate majority on both sides is heard and acted upon by their respective leaders.

Earlier this year Paul officially joined OneVoice’s International Board of Advisors.

Let us not forget, the international community has also supplied over 22,000 signatures ..

We Can Work It Out-The Beatles

While performing in Tel Aviv last year, Paul’s message was to bring people together via the power of music..

Paul said:

This seems to me like a great idea, the symbolism of two people from bothsides coming together to spread their message of peace via music is exciting and inspiring for me. I hope President Obama looks into this organisation and feels that OneVoice could be part of a peaceful solution.”


You too, can support the two state Peace effort for Israel & Palistine here At Onevoice

Question is, will President Barrack Obama listen? Will their leaders listen? Can the Middle East ever be at Peace? War is a waste of time precious lives wasted for what? Don't you want your children to be free to live in Peace without fear!? to Live in Freedom!

End the War in Iraq bring The Troops Home!

more later.. I feel a rant coming on..

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