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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday MACCA!!!!

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Happy Birthday MACCA!!!!

Hi Paul!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! I LOVE YOU. Hope your having a Fabulous birthday!!!!!!

At The Dentist on Macca's B day
Not only did I have to work today. It was off to the dentist. The prior other times, the BMW was towed- yeah twice after Macca in Vegas. & Nehemiah my Nephew passed away, both on the dates I was to was to have scheduled the dental surgey!
yeah, I know. it wasn't just any regular check up I had surgery.. 8 or more injections, I was listening to my Blackberry in my lap. Beatles and some Electric Arguments, when they closed up and gave me sutures "Too Many" people began to play..If Paul could only see me now, damn this is awful and here it's Paul's 67 birthday!~ I told the surgeon & the Hygentist, you know it's Paul McCartney's Birthday today?! lol how nice the surgeon said-lmao!~ she is from New York. I put them on notice that I must listen to my Blackberry. hehehe I am sitting here with ice on my muggy~

I got a Prezzie on Paul McCartney's Birthday?
so I get home and I see a HUGE blue bag right in front of my door. what's this? it was from outta the states. It can't be? It couldn't be my Electric Arguments Deluxe package could it? I opened it carefully and low and below I Got it! I Got it! -FINALLY! The Deluxe version of Electric Arguments at my door that I had ordered in November of last year!!!~

This is brilliant- two beautiful pieces of art work. Oh and on the metal lid a piccie a doodle that Macca did himself. The idenity of the contents. The Fireman, Paul McCartney & Youth. studio: Hog Hill. MPL
Someone got it dirty! there are small finger prints in two small places. Than there is contents. there is a doodle with a face and hands holding a box.

"This is not a pizza" the doodle says holding the box.hahahaha

Enjoy it! Paul McCartney xx

so I am listening to the bonus Cd and it's all instrumental? OK, so I am a bit disappointed there is NO freakin lyrics, What the? This was one of the things that I was looking forward too the most!!~ a re-mixed kick your ass Bonus CD,,

more about it later.. have pain!!!..
Nice to get The Fireman's, Electric Argument's, on my doorstep on Paul McCartney's birthday!!~ thats is some very strange coincidence~

Paul McCartney to play Whasington DC, August 1st announced on Paul's Birthday, also :):)

more later!!!!
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