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Friday, June 12, 2009

Paul McCartney Pre-Sale on Now for Citi Field

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Paul McCartney Pre-Sale on Now for Citi Field

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June 15th

Hey people did you get your tickets for Macca at Citi Field? understand it was a mess? If you purchased more than two tickets per night they will cancel your order. Hope this hasn't happened to any of the TRUE, McCartney fans.. That would suck big time..

would have been nice to have cheaper ticket prices. The VIP tix for Macca at the Joint in Vegas were almost a joke! Why are the fans gouged so much to see their favorite artist's perform? Forget the supply and demand theory, it's a bunch of bullchips..

Oh and I heard a lil rumour from a friend today. Is Macca going to be playing the Rose Bowl this summer? That's is my side of the world. We shall wait and see?

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