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Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Really Rawkin in Boston Says Paul!^

&(Piccie Fan's On The Run-

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We're Really Rawkin in Boston Says Paul!

what a great week for the thousands of fans, who attended Paul McCartney's, two gigs this past week. if that wasn't enuff, Paul surprises, at least, 3 fans, without a doubt, and beyond their wildest dreams..ahahaha- see below... Dang, isn't nice to be acknowledge by Paul McCartney himself!?

Paul McCartney's Twin Double take! lol

What a magical night with Sir Paul!!! I can't believe this concert surpassed the others I've been too!

The utmost highlight was *******Meeting PAUL!!!! It happened as the soundcheck was concluding........(which is a misnomer, since it was actually a mini-concert). Twin and I brought signs to use during the concert since we were very close to the stage..........decided to pull them out near the end of the soundcheck! We each held a sign......mine said: "Please, Please Sign" and sis's said: "Our Twin Tops". We came armed with silver sharpies (just in case ), we wore identical "The Beatles" tank tops, and Paul (who by the way, has very GOOD eyesight) read it from where all of us were standing watching.............we had nothing to lose!
Soundcheck ends, and we're about to start filing out when Paul's security guy is motioning in our direction........I nudged Sis and we walked in his direction, not really believing what was happening! He asked us to follow him towards the stage.........we kept going along the stage front, then went around to the backstage, up the stairs and there was Paul waiting for us! It was so surreal and we had no time to really prepare!!!! Paul was SO gracious and smiling, being his charming self.....he seemed a bit hot from the humid weather.....

He had some "handlers" there and asked us what we wanted signed, and we told him the shirts we were wearing!!! So I fumbled and pulled out the Sharpie and Paul asked his security guy to hold the fabric straight and he proceeded to sign-away, much to my incredible delight!!! He seemd so intent to sign a great and clear autograph. His tour photographer was snapping away while this was all happening.......Sis then got hers signed and we said a quick "Thank You Paul!!! and kissed him on his cheek.................
Such a WOW moment that I'll never forget. Caught up with Podgie at the veggie dinner and enjoyed the festive atmosphere............We barely got to our seats before Paul came out, which really took us by surprise (and a lot of other fans)..........he totally rocked out and sounded better than years past! My favorites were: "Something", "Day in The Life"........"I Saw Her Standing There", and many more!!! Loved "All My Loving" during the soundcheck, one of my alltime personal favourites.............

piccie right from Walliebaby -Boston

We're Really Rawkin in Boston say's Paul
Where did this saying- come from? Many might have said it before. However when I heard the news, of Paul playing Boston, I knew, one fan, Podgie. would be pleased as all get out, that Macca & the boys would be playin on his own home town... once again.. like myself, Podgie, had a special sign made about Boston which Paul, aknowledged & signed a few years back. Read about the signs history and what Paul said at saturday night gig- check this!

The sign has quite a history, going back to 2002. Paul read it as he did an interview entering the Fleetcenter in Boston, and closed the show saying "Tonight, We were REALLY Rocking in Boston! See ya next time!" as he looked to us. He remembered the sign when I talked to him on the Rockline radio show.

When I met him at the "High In the Clouds" book signing, he said "Hey, you're the sign guy from Boston!...I liked the sign!"
In 2005, he actually came out of his way to sign the second iteration of the sign at the Fleetcenter.
At the CD/DVD signing he drew a picture of me, I am sure because of his rememberance of me and the sign.

Actually in 2002, my daughter held the sign, and she was Sweet Little Sixteen at the time! There was multiple meaning in the sign that year!
I figured he would be looking for the sign in Boston again! I held it up the first of the two Fenway shows, and he nodded at me. The second show he came out with the words, without me holding up the sign. After he said the words, I did put it up though, and got a wave and thumbs up.
I think in the second soundcheck Paul may have gotten a bit miffed as it seemed quite a few held up signs to sign stuff...and rather than dealing with everyone he decided to ignore the signs. I can't blame him, he did seem tired and less energetic in the soundcheck (I am sure saving his energy for the show).

I was guilty too, as I was hoping to get a photo of Paul with the sign. How cool would that have been? I am picturing the band holding the sign and Paul in front of it...would have been great for inclusion in the CD or DVD that comes out for the tour. Oh well, not to be.
The soundchecks were awesome! The shows were awesome! Actually, my whole summer has been awesome! I dread going back to work on Monday!

I'm very Happy for Martha My Dear, her sister, and Podgie Way to Go!!! Now everyone knows where- We're Really Rawkin in Boston came from!! hehehehe~ :)

Piccie's below Fans On The Run -Boston

more later as I had to red post stay tuned!

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