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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Damn a Hot Lil Band MUSE!

Damn a Hot Lil Band MUSE!

Hey people, did you see the VMA's a few weeks back? It rawked didn't it? as I was writing a blog post for the the music awards a lil band was introduced. I didn't catch the name. I was like, who the heck is this? Right from the intro I knew this performance was gonna kick. This band rocks and so brilliant, live! I caught VH1 this am and a 5 second snippet of the band. That's the band Oh man, that's the band who played on the on MTV awards ?! I said to myself.

I MUST find a decent vid to post here. This was the bands first US television debut. My first time, hearing the band, at all. Why haven't I heard a thing from this band? I Love them. I gotta see this band live, Of course they are British aren't all the hottest bands from great britian? I bet they will kick ass! check out this lil vid from MTV, Muse's Telly debut. They Rawk!!!!!!

I'm happy to have found the vid thanx MTV!


May I add- This band would have been brilliant with Macca this past summer Mini tour!~
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