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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Master of voices Beatles McCartney Lennon Elvis Bowie Jeff lynne

Hey people several months ago, let's say 6 or so I was listening to Beatle vids on Youtube. I ran across a few vids from someone named, Steve Riks. I first heard him do, a Paul McCartney song. Than a John Lennon song. I didn't realize he was one in the same person?! His voice is amazing. He covers so many artists. He covers all the Beatle's individually.

I than watched some parodies of Ringo, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Freddie Mercury, Barry Gibb, Neil Young, all done by Steve. The jeff Lynne spot, I will post during the holidays. It is hillarious. Dig, the British humor. I laughed my ass off. His mannerisms of Macca & others are spot on.

To top it off, Steve. is from Liverpool. Fast forward to September 09 last weekend while watching Steve's vids-I read: "Steve had been banned from Youtube" What a bunch of crap. Say what ~ Banned?! They're not serious are they? Get a grip Youtube!

Millions of people remake songs, cover songs, cover bands etc. WTF? this guy is a genius. A comedian, impressionist, vocalist-you name it. His vocal range is amazing. Youtube needs to allow Steve to come back. This is bogus, stating copy right violations? Better Ban half the videos & people on youtube than, Youtube.
I spent hours last week watching Steve's vids I would be flattered if I was the artist being parodied. I laughed, watched and listened to them over and over. This guy is the real deal :) I love him!

Check out some of his vocal talent in these vids below amazing. See for yourself.

Please stumble or Digg to get the word out about Steve. Tell your friends & their friends and so on & so on. Feel free to leave a comment or two. What's with this Youtube banning business?

Steve Riks Does John Lennon & Elvis

Steve Riks does Paul McCartney -- Doooooooooo!!!lmao

Steve Riks Does Elvis & David Bowie ~ Love them dance moves & The Abbey Road

Steve Riks does Macca- Honey Pie

Freakin brilliant all these vids!

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