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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paul McCartney Q&A from his webby!

Paul McCartney Q&A from his own webby!

Ha! wish this was me with Macca, in a Q&A session. Paul, gives a quickie. ( interview that is) I would have asked him different questions, of course. We wanna know type questions...heheheheh So I will post a small snippet you can go to the website and read more.

Question: Congratulations on your Broadway debut, is there anywhere left you haven’t played that you would like to?

Paul: Lots of places!

Question: Would you ever consider playing one of your albums in its entirety? A ‘Band on the Run’ or ‘Memory Almost Full’ night?

Paul: Yeah, I have thought about doing that after reading about other bands like Phish doing the whole of the White Album, which I think they once did. I just wonder if it might be a tad boring, but you never know, it’s certainly a nice idea and the fun would be choosing which album to do. I think the less obvious albums would be more fun.

Question: You end the year on a high with the tour and the O2 show in London - is there any message you would like to give the users of Paul about this year and what they might expect next year?

Paul: My message to cyber viewers is first of all thanks for being there and paying attention. Secondly thanks for those of you who came to our shows. It’s been a very interesting year, I have had a lot of fun on and off stage and I hope to do more of the same in a different way next year.


hb: Hey, I thought of that 1st question myself.. That would rawk, would have to be an intimate gig us diehard fans, could sing the entire album with you! That would be something- or maybe not?! :)

hb: ahh Paul, those last gigs rawked! from The David Lynch charity gig- You & Ringo together, surreal. To Citi field gigs freakin crazy awesome- Vegas- where OUR feet almost fell off! & lastly the Dallas Cowboys, whirlwind gig!!~ you paying attention Fireman? I'm Inquiring now? Yeah, Paul, that sound check rawked! Hope to do another. I'm gutted as the British say, that I couldn't get the time off for London, was ready, not enough notice!!

what? your touring next year? Please give us notice.. Gotta turn in my vacation request by the end of January ...I almost have 3 weeks left of this year..damn! Finally, bring Geoff Baker back. I miss seeing him around
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