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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For Sale Abbey Road Studios call EMI with your bid!

For Sale Abbey Road Studios call EMI with your bid!
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As I am currently listening to the beginning of My Love~ at work
I just read about the sale of Abbey Road by EMI-

First off- WTF!!!
Um, Paul McCartney? You have a ton of money...why not buy Good Ol Abbey Road yourself.......

It makes perfect sense now, doesn't it? you can charge whomever, whatever you feel like charging for the use of it's studios~ not like you don't have enuff monies already, Paul...or lack of $... But, just in case, you want to secure your future and the future of all em other McCartney's - I say, Go for it Macca!

I think it a brilliant idea. Id like to personally tour the studio myself..

you could have cool lil intimate gigs there....,.

Feb 22
lunch time...

Well freakin hell, EMI decides, NOT, to seell Abby Road after all- thanx to Brian Ray, for giving us the skinny. EMI has changed it's mine.. It would be great if Paul Mccartney owned the legendary studio!!- I'm Telling you- You know Im correct!

EMI SUX! for giving us all a heart attack~ You need a damn spankin! LOL

lol hehehehe
Lil Macca hb~
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