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Monday, February 22, 2010

Wooohoo Macca Mini tour Coming Up

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Wooohoo Macca Mini tour Coming up

more later - like, I wanna spill all the beans -RIGGHTTT! West Coast~


Hey people, how are you, this fine day? Here we are, two days out from the McCartney pre-sale for Glendale & The Hollywood Bowl, making this- one of the worst, pre sales- ever! How in the heck do you call this a pre sale - when the fans cannot even get 1st crack at great seats or even decent seats for that matter? What a joke. I'm so tired of the McCartney fans getting the shaft -if you know what I mean?
People claim, supply & demand, Oh bullchips- tell me, how is it that broker sites have 1000's of pre- sale tickets while fans are left empty handed? these prices are ridiculous as always.

The top spot for Macca & The fella's is $350 for a regular high level ticket at the Hollywood Bowl, while Glendale AZ is $250 ..
Let's look at the economy. The fans get jipped & we end up "robbing Peter to pay Paul". we ain't got $1000's & $1000's to throw down to see Macca, every time, even tho many have in the past...If a pre sale is a pre sale - let's make sure it's just that, a pre sale, not to be open for the entire public & American Express card holders who have some extra pocket change to throw away, ya feel me?

Doesn't Paul, want his fans at these gigs or is he tiring of seeing those of us that follow him. Just a silient theory in my head..Nah, Paul loves his fans but it does make one wonder? Surely the artist- in this case Paul McCartney, could have some say on the pre-sale of his gigs and making sure his dedicated, loyal followers, who LOVE him so- have the 1st oppertunity to buy the BEST seats, if they so choose..~ The fans are a worthy cause :)

feb 28th

is it at all possible for the fans to get a heads up on Up Coming gigs?

more later I'm fiesty lol

Here we are, hours later, after today's sale to the general public. Paul McCartney, tickets did not, go on sale at 10am as stated.. it was minutes after... Ticketmaster, had a glitch- in their system so they claimed- today..

No tix @ $350 price at all.. couldn't find a one

no tickets at all for about 15 mins.. I happened to get Terrace tickets-for $ 390- isn't this about mid section of the bow?l.. mighty steep. I wonder if it's just the venue as to why the ticket prices are higher than usual?

There were NO packages available..period... why is that?

The pre sale was a disaster...

Hopefully, the fans, will get another chance at 1st crack tickets~ for UP Coming gigs...
we can only hope...

this was sad-


Macca & The band to tour Miami & Puerto Rico - 1st few days of April

March 1
also just annouced thanx ( Martin)

 Special UK & Ireland Live Shows Announced
Special UK & Ireland Live Shows Announced

12 June: RDS Stadium, Dublin
13 June: Isle Of Wight Festival (headliner Sun)
20 June: Hampden Park, Glasgow
26 June: Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
27 June: Hyde Park, Londen

woohoooo!!~ Damn, will I have enough money or time off to fly to the UK? I sure in the heck will try, and hope you do too!!!!!!!!

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