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Monday, October 04, 2010

It's official Paul McCartney to play Brazil! Now Argentina!

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It's Official Paul McCartney to play Brazil! Now Argentina!

South American Tour Dates Announced – November 2010

Brazil will have two concerts in November- ( will there be more dates? )

After months of speculation Paul confirms today that he will be taking his ‘Up and Coming Tour’ back to Brazil. Paul and his band will arrive in November for two shows in Porto Allegre November 7th Beira Rio Stadium and Sao Paulo on November 21st at Morumbi Stadium.

“It's great to bring this tour to Brazil. I love Brazil, they love their music - I love them, I love their music.” says Paul.

Since launching in March the all new ‘Up and Coming Tour’ has seen Paul perform 25 concerts across North America, South America and the UK. Winning unprecedented reviews wherever the tour goes, so far Paul has rocked well over half a million people in a matter of months.

They, forget to mention in the official release; Ozzy an Sharon Osborne who attended The Hollywood Bowl gigs - since MPL, is steadfast in their reporting of celebrities sightings, at Paul McCartney gigs!~ ha :)

Congrats Brazil, you're going to see the best show on earth Paul McCartney!!!

Oct 8th

Video message from Paul to Argentina- HOLA!

Now Argentina has been added to the line up of South American gigs!!~~

Up And Coming Tour – Argentina!
Paul will bring his Up And Coming Tour to Argentina this November.

10th November Riverplate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Talking about the forthcoming shows in South America, Paul said:

“We have beautiful memories of Brazil and Argentina, they are great places to play. The fans are great and it’s very exciting to be returning. I love South American audiences. I always think I have Latin blood because I connect so strongly with their love of music and their love of rhythm and their love of melody, so I always feel like I have a very big bond with South American people and Latin people in general”.

Tour Dates:

7th November Beira Rio Stadium, Porto Allegro, Brazil
10th November Riverplate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina
21st November Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo

How exciting!!!!!!~

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