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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Today would have been John Lennon's 70th

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Today would have been John Lennon's 70th
You know, I have mixed feelings about this day October 9th.. A great musical genius was born today; could he ever really envision the millions of lives he has touched through his music- did he ever really know how many lives he affected for the good? did he know of his greatness~
I wonder what John Lennon would look like today.. would he have that Jesus vibe going on - long white silvery hairy and a scruffy beard? or would he be clean cut & mellow? Do I really think Lennon would really give a fuck, if it was his 70th and all these celebrations? me thinks, no. For some reason I could hear him say.. I'm just a person people, who made it really big.. I'm no different than you. Why are we still talking about war, why are we still in this war after 10 years? there is peace if you want it.. I guess you don't want it?!

It really struck me, how, Julian Lennon, recently posted, on his Facebook page; He 'thought it rather strange to celebrate someones birthday, when they are no longer here with us'.. I'd have to agree in some ways.. I'd like to think we could celebrate his memory, not a birthday celebration...
I do think it rather touching, Google, dedicated a Google doodle in John Lennon's honor .. very touching- it kinda moved me to tears.. Thank you Google from a huge Beatles fan!
John Lennon's message was about Peace & love in the world- haven't we learned this yet? obviously not.. If we could take the time to be kind to one another and help our fellow man this world would be a better place.. not just for one day - everyday..Thoughts through rose colored glasses.. sermon over..

Yoko Ono, is asking for one million peace tweets via Twitter today.. :) nice~

as millions celebrate thru-out the world this weekend.. Me, I'll be listening to Lennon and Beatles music .. trying not to be 'too sad' cos he was taken from his family, Julian, Sean and his fans ..far to early and to be honest that - that, really pisses me off!

I think of Julian Lennon on this day and my heart and thoughts are with him as he unveils a John Lennon statue in Liverpool.. I wish Julian tremendous happiness~ and a lovely day for him and his mum... to be full of Love & laughter~ miles of smiles! :)

I remember a great man named John Lennon on what would have been his 70th Let me, not forget his message, of LOVE... his creative genius, his humor, his witt. The music! what a 'Great Beatle' he was! what a legend!.....It's hard not to be sad.. and have mixed feelings ..I had a few tears yesterday.. I'll try, really hard~not to get misty.. Good vibes & positive thoughts~to you all, as we remember John Lennon on what would have been his 70th birthday~~ x

Have a beautiful day~


Some vids below enjoy & listen to them~! :):)

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