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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hello Brazil! You're going to see Paul McCartney

 Paul McCartney Gijon Spain 2004
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Hello Brazil! You're Going to See Paul McCartney!

How freaking exciting. In just a few short hours, Macca & his band will be giving you the experience of a lifetime.. starting in Porto Alegre.I'm excited for all the Beatle & McCartney fans across the world in Brazil, as I post from the states.. 

Wish I was there -of course.. you all have a rocking good time for us, who cannot be there...Up & Coming tour, comes to Brazil- yeah!!!!~

tenha um bom wooohoo de balanço de Brasil do tempo!!

Hey Mike Carrera.. I know you will have a fabulous time in Porto Alegre.. Mike traveled from Mexico City to Brazil making this his 37 plus gig? ha!!!You go Mike~

Well, show time tonight, check out this vid montage of what you can expect to see in Paul McCartney's South American Shows- below...

McCartney Montage- plus message at the end,,,

Amazing fotos below: thanx to Marcos H..aqnd?? for capturing some of the best!

Fans gathering for the 1st Macca gig of South America at Porto Alegre- foto credits
Marcos Hermes/Divulgação & ???

Fans getting ready! from Paul McCartney in Brazil-

awesome foto- ha All My Loving- from Paul McCartney in Brazil Rawkin photo~

It's a Beatles Taxi!! from Paul McCartney in Brazil-Lovin it!

Brazillian fans waiting for the show to begin from Paul McCartney in Brazil!

Diggin the Beatle shirts by these fans- foto credit  Paul McCartney in Brazil~

Congrats to the two girls who got their arms signed tonight by Macca  at tonight's gig!

Nov 10th 

Hola Argentina

more later..
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