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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Notes in News: What's Really Going on?! & Stuff

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Notes in News: What's Really Going?! on &Stuff..

Hey people, I know it's been awhile since I have posted.. the entire 'holiday season' I was sick.. Can we just get a few things, off our chest, since I've been away awhile? Well, mine anyways..Someones always trying to get it twisted- in the news media- why is that? keepin it short..

Persons who keep it real  and  who to watch out for..I high five these- alleged trouble makers below ..
.... :.
Go Ricky Go

Ricky Gervais- he hosted The Golden Globes.. The guy was freakin brilliant! totally hilarious! It was one of the best Golden Globby's ever. NOT, stale and boring.. he was great last year as know it. Can people get a freakin sense of humour? We yawn at these boring award shows; kissing people's asses, so fake and phoney- Ricky G. kept it real..  ( that's why I love BET award shows- not overly censored ) There was nothing mean spirited  or over the top on his gig, stop trippin.. Well done Ricky- I applaud you for your genius..You were funny, I laughed so hard. And in these current times.. we could all use some laughs-carry on!~ :)

Piers Morgan- Say What?

Give the guy a break, he just took over Larry King's spot. I like his interviewing style.. People are bitchin about Piers already? C'mon- shut up..If I could suggest a guest it would be Geoff Baker- who is coming out with two new books. Rock Bottom & Beatles Fanthology,,Two Brits, bantering back and fourth.. I believe, that interview, would be dark, fun & naughty- something from two cerebral journalist's :) The British keep it real and blunt honest, something Americans can learn from ., The only one close to this is Howard Stern,  you  know it's true..

Keith Olbermann-Losers MSNBC

MSNBC_ freakin Epic Fail by ousting Keith O. The guy was a refreshing talent on the air; speaking to the left the middle and inbetween, to the little guy. against the big guy of liars & pychopaths..I'm gonna miss Keith Olbermanns, Countdown, his skits, his humor, his passion; his  passion for getting the truth out to America, on Politics .. life and what the Right & Coporate America fail to tell you.. Do you like to be lied too? I say boycott MSNBC period, who was just acquired by those greedy bastiffs Comacast..I salute you Mr. Olberman for your superb reporting in television journalism.. Worst persons in the world MSNBC...

Geoff Baker Rock Bottom

Former PR guy to Paul McCartney, Geoff Baker to release his first novel Rock Bottom- about a Rock Star & the music industry.. This should be a tasty and interesting read .. I have no details as of yet..Geoff is an intersting person and journalist, without a can't help but love the guy and his charm; his flare for writing, that I have always, enjoyed- no boring burnt toast with Geoff- more details soon~ I'm extremely happy for Geoff on his up coimg book...I'm soo looking forward to reading it- Paul Bring back Geoff..


As for me, I just had knee surgery. Owww- so I'm off on medical leave.. I'm still out on American Idol.. Liken Steven Tyler - missin Simon Cowell.. It took me awhile to write this post- that's what pain meds will do for you.. I wish you all a happy New Year- and look forward to some Paul McCartney jaunts..this up coming year..
I can't believe the blasting  of those mentioned above..why, for their honesty?  all super talents in their own right..let's show some support for their, creative genius, and let em be who they are - Real..Carry on gentlemen- You Rock!


Feb 3rd


been watching the unrest in Cairo-  UNREAL~
as we all know, what went from peaceful demonestrations too attacks against  protesters; now  attacks of western journalist's is appalling.. very upsetting..I commend Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams and others for their bravery; in attempting, to tell the REAL story going on in Egypt..  The world is watching..What does the Egyptian Government have to hide with these attacks on journalists;  and protesters..preventing  journalists to report the news to the rest of the world; pretending this is not going on-right?- wishing it will magically go away..hoping to sweep it under the rug is - nonsense..We have all seen the footage!-   You might be able to BS a slim few ,, But, Egypt's government cannot BS the rest of the World...

 started by a rogue few?
wasn't that a statement by the Dictator himself?
-now going so far as to blame the reporting journalists for creating the chaos- is utter crap.. The images and video confirm the real story- happening in Tahrir Square..It's becoming a blood bath.. It reminds me of the movie Spartacus- The video images are so powerful.. Is this what one has to pay for, for the  price of FREEDOM ? OK, I shouldn't ask.   I pray for the safety on those wanting democracy- and for those reporting it..
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