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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rock Bottom - Revealed by Geoff Baker

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Rock Bottom- revealed by Geoff Baker 
Feb 8th 2:30 pm- Feb 9th 11:30 pm Press Release Below : Subject to frequent updates- 

Geoff Baker- finally reveals, Rock Bottom
Geoff Baker- Rock Bottom
Out February 14th 2011- Stay tuned

Oh man, finally, after all these years; Geoff Baker writes   about the music industry - sounds naughty- ha! Bet, haters might think it's about-Paul McCartney -Geoff writes book about the Rock world and it's dark side.~ intriguing..
SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCKIN  n ROLL- I Love it! This ain't your grand mama's book,,,

So what's the book about?

a lonely and loveless fan of a rock star turns to blackmail

Sex and drugs and rock and roll as you've never read about them before - this time the FAN is the heroine in a roller coaster read of what happens when it all goes bottoms up in the music business.

Drawing on 30 years in tabloid journalism and music business PR, Geoff Baker creates a moving, entertaining [and utterly fictional] tale which reveals the damned life inside the celebrity circus - as Rock Bottom pokes holes in the pop culture of our age and gives a grim warning to those who dream of X-Factored fame.
Ragabond Press

Well where can I get my Copy? update March 1st

Rock Bottom available email: from the publisher-cheaper via the publisher-
( Geoff has pulled the book from Amazon- for major F UP's)- 
Rock Bottom available at Kindle edition
We've heard there's a limited edition to 1000 copies as of this posting

" Id Rather stick a lite cigarette in my eye than to write a tell all book- on Paul McCartney" -Geoff Baker

 LOL Priceless!

 hb: Sounds tantalizing~ can't wait for my copy! Brilliant Geoff.,  Well done, Damn you have some goodness coming to you .. You sure do deserve it..I wish you a HUGE success .. I wonder- if Macca will read the book? Who are  Rock Bottoms - characters?! xx Thoughts- anyone? :)

This Just IN Rock Bottom Press Release - ( cos I forgot to check my emails thoroughly )

Lyme Regis    
Tel 44 1297 44 3932 or 44 1892 864 520
Mob 44 7966 473 919 or 44 7533 900 537



After a six-year struggle to get it into print, Geoff Baker - former PR to Paul McCartney, The Beatles and Oasis - is finally publishing his rude, racy and irreverent novel about the music industry.

Rock Bottom is Baker’s black-humored but fond satire which pokes a tongue behind the scenes and between the sheets at almost every aspect of the record business.

The first, limited edition of 1,000 copies will be available on Amazon from February 14th, priced £7.99. It will be published by Ragabond Press, a micro publisher that Baker set up with another former journalist, Jill Newton, after the UK’s mainstream publishers refused to touch his book.

Baker says Rock Bottom is ‘a work of complete and utter fiction’. The 400-page paperback romps and ruts through the conjoined stories of a flagging rock star, his demented PR and a blackmailing fan who threatens to ruin the pop idol’s reputation by unmasking a long-hidden sexual secret.

‘The star, Birmingham-born genius Ian Taylor, is not remotely based on anyone I’ve known,’ said Baker, ‘I made him up and he is as fictional as Henry the Horse who dances the waltz.’
Instead of writing about actual people I’ve worked with, it was more interesting for me to create fictional types of that rock world – the musicians, managers, record company execs – and to have a laugh at what fame can do to people and how it can disastrously affect those who work around the famous.

‘But what was of most interest to me was to make the fan the central character of the book; the fans’ feelings are often overlooked in the music game so I made the fan the heroine for a change.

Rock Bottom is basically a celebrity love story, but it’s quite sad in parts – rock ‘n woe, we call it. It is also the flipside of The X-Factor, revealing the madness and misery of making it big, so in some ways it’s a cautionary tale for those who long to see their name in lights.

The book is also rather rude. We were thinking of having a Parental Advisory sticker on it as the vernacular of the business is certainly not kids’ stuff and as a word search revealed there are 864 f-words in the book those who dislike bad language might be better off reading Trainspotting instead.’

Although Ian Taylor’s genius but mercurial temperament was drawn from Baker’s imagination,
he admits that various journalist characters who play supporting roles in the lurid drama were partly inspired by old pals from his newspaper days on Fleet Street.

I’ll be interested to see if any mates from the hack pack that I used to run with recognize anything of themselves in the book,’ said Baker, 54, ‘A number of them are editors now.’

It has taken Baker more than six years to publish his novel.

‘I wrote the original story in three months, back in 2004. I got a leading literary agent and he enthusiastically sent the manuscript to every major publisher – but none of them would touch it with a bargepole. Four years of rewrites followed, my funds ran out and if it hadn’t been for the support and belief of my wife Amanda throughout it all, I’d be rotting in debtor’s prison.

‘Pissed off but unbowed’, Baker and Newtonan old Lyme Regis school pal  - formed their own micro publishing company, Ragabond Press.

‘Jill and I re-met by chance after having not seen each other for more than 35 years. We talked about the book and realized that as she was trained as an editor and a sub and I was trained as a hack, maybe we could combine our skills for the book’ said Baker.

So between us we took on every aspect of getting a book done – editing, proofing, type-setting, layout, design, photography, distribution, marketing, PR, the lot.’
Now Ragabond Press, which is based in Newton and Baker’s home town of Lyme Regis, has seven self-penned books in production and is considering publishing other writers.

Rock Bottom comes out on Amazon on February 14 and we’re going to take several months to slowly plug it, just like I used to with a rock album,’ said Baker, whose next project is Ragabond Press’s The Beatles Fanthology, the story of the Fab Four told through the memories and stories of Beatles fans.

Geoff Baker                                                    Jill Newton
07966 473 919 or 01297 443932                    07533 900 537 or 01892 864 520                 

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Geoff's Rock Bottom Covers

Alternative photo shot Geoff Baker Rock Bottom-2011

Feb 17th  I"30pm

Just received Geoff Bakers
Rock Bottom in the post on this lovely raing day .I think I'll be reading it to The Ramones- ahh in the authors notes,: he thanx Paul McCartney- for giving the book the "Green Light" sweet!!!!

Rock Bottom review soon to come~ :)


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