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Monday, May 30, 2011

Maybe I'm Amazed-Contest, Rock The Vote!

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Maybe I'm Amazed-Contest, Rock The Vote!
Note: long post see Below

Hey people - how are you this fine day? Paul McCartney's been very, very, busy touring South America - with his Up & Coming Tour..with Rockin gigs &; wild fans- with Love in their hearts & music in their souls.. I'm almost green not being able to attend the frenzied madness those fans gave in South America to Paul & his band.

Last year, Paul McCartney, reissued his triple platinum album- Band on the Run offering a First ever competition on YouTube for musicians, singers, & lovers of music- which included a prize of the deluxe album Band on The Run  for it's winner.

Macca's offering this competition/ cover contest once again with his re issues of McCartney 1 & McCartney 11 out now! Entrants to make vids  covering of one of Paul McCartney's most treasured and well known love songs "Maybe I'm Amazed"

Lots of goodies included in this contest people.. So, if you'd like your chance  to vote or make a video of your own version of Maybe I'm Amazed see details below... To vote for entrants you MUST go to You Tube & thumbs up for your  video for your vote to count.. Note: I would have entered the competition however, the lyrics are far to high for my vocal capabilities.. ha!  

MPL could we possibly have two or 3 winners?!!~ Geez, Purple Melon has a Rockin Cover of Maybe I'm Amazed! They should enter! where are those lads?!

 Featured entrants who I Love! ( Both From Canada ) now added Purple Melon 3rd vid!

 Emilie- Jeanne Morin, 20 years old, Montreal Canada. I've been inspired by Paul McCartney and The Beatles since my mom knew she was pregnant with me. Paul was there every single day and he still is. I've never been so lucky in my whole life to have found someone like him, I thank my parents for that particular matter every day.  See her video below. :)

Next Featured Video below- Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Glive..30 Residence: Montreal, Canada I've been singing professionally since the age of 8, when I started in a volunteer entertainment group that traveled across Montreal to various hospitals and senior citizens' homes. Prior to that, I was raised in a house where playing rock 'n' roll records was a constant. My parents were baby boomers and my siblings were nearly two decades older than me, which refined the music I was exposed to.

I think Paul McCartney may have been some of the first words I ever uttered. I developed a strong preference for The Beatles, particularly McCartney at the tender age of 3, and remember owning Pipe Of Peace on 45 vinyl and playing it endlessly, which drove my parents batty. I spent my days drowning myself in his music, and slowly began to replace regular speech with singing. I still have cassette tapes I recoded from as young as 5 years old on which I spent the day singing and talking about my hero.
I never let go of that passion, and it keeps me singing to this day. Why The Beatles? Why Paul? Because they resonate love and all things positive in a world shadowed by too much hatred and negative energy. From a young age, I favored beautiful melodies, and Paul was the Mozart of the 20th century in terms of melody.

One of Purple Melon's versions of Maybe I'm Amazed part 2 posted On Fire!! Those lads from London now in LA :)

Well How Do I Enter the Contest or Vote?!

Following the huge success of last year’s Band on the Run competition, we are very excited to offer fans another chance to win a host of Macca goodies with the brand new ‘Maybe I’m Amazed Cover’s Competition’ in celebration of the upcoming release of McCartney & McCartney II on June 13th/14th.

Whether you’re a part-time guitar twiddler, a karaoke crooner or a serious music maker in a band, all are welcome! Just film your cover of Paul’s track ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, upload it to YouTube and follow the simple steps below to enter. Then get all of your friends to ‘like’ your video. The video with the most ‘likes’ wins! Good luck!

Follow the steps below for your chance to win:

1. Record your own cover version of Maybe I’m Amazed.
2. Visit Paul’s YouTube Channel
3. Log in and submit your video response to the official Maybe I’m Amazed music video. Located here: (follow the instructions in the video)
4. Get as many of your friends to like the video in order for it to win!
5. The winner will be the video with the most likes.

The competition starts on the 26th May 4pm. (GMT)
Only videos uploaded to YouTube and submitted to the competition between these dates will be valid. (please don’t submit videos that have been already uploaded onto YouTube)
The competition will close for new entries: 16th June 4pm. Votes will still count until the competition fully closes on the 23rd June 2011.
Competition Ends: 23rd June 2011 4pm

The winner will recieve a deluxe edition prize including: ‘McCartney Deluxe Edition’ ‘McCartney II Deluxe Edition’ ‘Band on the Run Deluxe Edition’
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So Good Luck & have Fun!
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