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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Paul McCartney Kicks off 2011 tour in Lima Peru

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Paul McCartney Kicks off 2011 tour in Lima Peru
note long post!!!

Right about now - This very minute ..Paul McCartney is playing a packed stadium  for tens of  thousands of Beatle's fans at El Lima Peru.. I could only imagine the thousands of screaming fans.. heh heh Rodrigo,  who sat next to me at the Hollywood Bowl is there now  from Lima~-he surely  must be having a blast!!!  Would have LOVED to have been there or Any gig is South America ..  ( Rodrigo I see the news of you and your family below!!!!!  BRILLIANT!)

From news vids I've seen over the net; fans camped out once again, for days, to secure a great spot ...   * but of course ) queuing at 7am in the morning.. Video clips below, include: Paul arriving  in Lima & waving to fans..  Also a mob seen as Macca arrives at the stadium Paul McCartney, gets mobbed in his car by wild fans~ wow!!  MPL will like that one..And Rodrigo and his family talking with the news- last Paul McCartney says hello to Peru and video montage.. Must see all clips!!!~

Note: to Macca if he ever gets wind of this thread - Rodrigo & friends were waving the Peruvian flag that 1st night from the garden seats at the Hollywood Bowl- which you mentioned..

Macca arriving in Lima waves to fans and & Waves Peruvian banner
 great media I Love this video...

Rodrigo and his family talking with the news before Macca gig- woohoo!!

Paul McCartney's car gets mobbed by wild fans!!~ Oh shit!!
( source El )

Macca Montage below of what fans could possible expect at tonight's gig  &;
On Pauls webby he mentioned..

 " Lima, we are Coming to Get You!" :)

Hoping to get some cool piccies later.. Wonder if there have been any additions to the set list?!!!I hope you have a rocking good time...

From The Macca Tweet Pic-Deck! Outside the Hotel-

more later....

More later
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