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Friday, July 15, 2011

Paul McCartney On The Run Tour!

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Paul McCartney On The Run Tour!

Hey people - swear I will get with you on that Vegas, Macca gig via my friend.. I'm just about to get off work.. go home and pack and head to the airport to take the red eye to New York City to kick off  Paul McCartney's New Tour " Paul McCartney On The Run"  Nice ring to it right? - at Yankee's Stadium- My Dear Friend  "Jen"  of Paul McCartney fame, who had her arm signed by Macca last year in Toronto is already their waiting on me.. SADLY,  I had to work today - but will be there tomorrow on minimal sleep mind you - yikes!!~  I arrive at 6:30 am in New York.. I hope I meet Paul this time ,.... please --- I wish really hard.. Off work now...

Geez It's Sept 5th and I gotta update these blog posts`.. I will .. After that whirl wind trip to New York,.. I have lagged as things didn't go how I had hoped..... 

stay tuned~ McCartney~
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