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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Paul McCartney Marrying Again

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Paul McCartney Marrying Again

Hello people - I have lagged so much on my blog.. needing to update that Vegas post also Macca in New York,, yeah, I know, no excuses right?..  I've been stuck ..OK? Well  if today isn't a day of events. John Lennon would have been 71 years old.. I can't picture that at the moment .My thoughts are over shadowed by Paul McCartney getting married again.
Speaking of Mr. McCartney, Paul, is getting married right about now to Nancy Shevell soon to be Mrs McCartney, in London the same place Paul McCartney  married Linda McCartney over 40 years ago..I kinda like that..
OK, here it goes. (as my mind has been thinking about this for weeks ) .am I the only one who is not really fond of these nuptials?  sure as a fan of Paul I always wish for his eternal happiness, truly swear by it.  why couldn't they have just shack up? I'm for that -nothing wrong with it right?.. I'm  not feeling this I don't know why.
Is Paul McCartney in Love with the institution of marriage is that why he's doing it. I'm laughing at myself here.  It' really doesn't matter what his fans think in the long run.He's gonna do it no matter what I think or believe.. foto right ripped from the net nice piccie I have to admit
The photo above kinda made me misty........................
It bothers me ( as I keep repeating myself here ) I'm not sure why I liked Linda a kind loving soul would have been lovely to have met her. I even liked Heather, met Heather she has a lot of spunk full of life..they Linda & heather seemed  like real people- not fake me thinks. For some odd reason I'm not feeling Ms Nancy. sorry.. the newly crowned Lady Nancy McCartney .
In New York,  at the McCartney gig Nancy, was standing in front of me barely speaking in a whisper saying hello to friends.. I didn't feel warmth generating from her but a coldness..I guess that was what made me sad.. She is tall, very slender, long dark hair who had nice toe polish on a lavender  polish as I remember.. She reminded me of a plastic doll if that makes any sense...

I almost said to her - Nancy, as she was standing not even a foot from me facing me
" I hope you make Paul Happy!" but I couldn't bring myself to it.. I am a lover of Love and perhaps it will take me some tome to get used to the new misses..
Paul McCartney, might not realize this but his fans feel like part of his extended family. Many of us that he has never met. The only communication I've had with Paul was screaming to and from the stage..ha! So in the end I might be one of the very few minority who is not happy bout his marriage I'll get over it. as I close this post I hear Paul & Nancy have just married walking out of the London registry......just a few moments ago... I think of Paul & Linda walking out of that registry.. aww.

In any event......


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