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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

12-12-12 Concert For Hurricane Sandy Relief

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 2-12-12 Concert For Hurricane Sandy- Charity Relief

.. Hey people,. it's been weeks and months since I posted on my blog- close to a year now.  Such a difficult year for many, myself included. I know I have to complete the Liverpool gig from last year..and  I will . As you know; the east coast was hit by the devastating Sandy affecting millions of people especially those hardest hit  in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut tri-state area.. Someone had the brilliant idea to hold a  relief gig for those affected..Small whispers began to appear on the net & Facebook a few weeks ago and now has become a reality.. What a great gig to attend if one could get tix,.right?

The Concert For Sandy Relief to Benefit The Robinhood Relief  Fund

100% of the proceeds of the 12-12-12 gig at Madison Square Garden in NY, on Dec 12th  will go to those  affected by Hurricane Sandy. What appeared to be a local event has now exploded into a world-wide event to be broadcasted all over the world.. Wow! 12-12-12 gig will be televised in the North & South America,
Europe, Africa, Asia & Australia...

I  Wanna Go How do I get tix!!

When I heard about the up coming gig  I said to myself,. I had to go..Paul McCartney,  was to perform,  I had to find a way. The chances of getting tickets were very slim to none..This is such a huge event that tickets would be in huge demand.. I started out my quest yesterday. I woke up at 5am west cost time.. and got ready for the Chase pre-sale at 9am. for me that was 6am  Coffee made; I logged onto Madison Square Garden link.. 6am sharp I started out for tix ..sold out!  what? I tried a few more times- nothing.  I quickly went to Ticketmaster and frantically started my search.. just than my cell rang- it was a friend from the east coast. who, I wanted to get a ticket for -also..Telling me to call TM. I was sure Ticketfast did not have the pre-sale option..
So while searching.. I phoned TM.. not available...10 mins into the sale I found a ticket! Yeah!  It took 2 plus hours to find 3 single tickets.  According to the New York Times.. only 13,500 were made available  for the entire gig.. One of the organizers was quoted as saying ' don't buy tickets from secondary sites'..I know a few Paul McCartney fans who did get tickets via Stub- hub.. I feel very fortunate to have scored tix.  Fans were rather pissed off they could not access either the Chase pre-sale or the general public sale.. blocks of tix were made available on Stub- hub.. made me feel bad that the average person was locked out to such a stellar gig raising money for a great cause...

Wasn't 12-12-12 the Best gig ever?!

more to come- several blog posts re: the gig & SNL... sometime this week...


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