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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who's OUT THERE? -Paul McCartney

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Who's OUT THERE ? -Paul McCartney 
Sidee note: Paul could have renamed this  the "Space Between US Tour

Hey people, my computer has been on the fritz.. couldn't finish my 12-12-12 gig post..  will get back to that soon. ( lots of posts to finish, actually ) .Now, Unless you  have been living under a rock lately,  Paul McCartney, has started a new world  tour, called "Out There" fresh new set-list.  fresh new tour & stage design.. speaking of stage design whose digging it ? not a lot of fans- apparently.
  We'll get to that in a bit. Paul,  kicked off his world tour in Brazil the first week of May with 3 gigs...and- as always with South American fans. the gigs were off the hook -on fire -and funky fresh.. Macca, apparently, had a visit from the animal kingdom of the smallest kind.. can you say- GRASSHOPPERS, and such a lovely shade  of green too.. as Paul McCartney & Co played, grasshoppers, hopped & bounced everywhere- onto Paul, onto instruments, mic-stand-  and?  that night in Brazil..more of that later ..

Now for that stage design.. I saw it for the first time tonight as Paul McCartney's Tour, kicked off it's US leg in Orlando Florida. and it was a shock to see. Apparently there is a huge gap between Paul - the fans and the floor. with a sub stage - in between. if it couldn't get anymore special .. there is an actual wall at the front row,, UM.. really? check this out below..

 piccie- courtesy of Fans On The Run Orlando

Really Paul? first row looks 10 rows away. For those of us spoiled by the floor; Macca,  is too far from this pics vantage point.  Right in front of the brick wall- you will  see,  there is a platform,, which will rise during Macca's set for 2 songs only!  Not happy bout the stage design..  a lot of fans are pissed by the stage design quit honestly... Please!  MPL!  'tear down that wall' and the extra stage- the floor is further back and disappointing...We pay big bucks to get those floor seats...and many of us follow Paul to many gigs .. I'm not one to complain about the set list -with the exception of
"Let Me Roll It" but- this stage design is a fans worse night mare...Fans are abuzz with the stage design on Facebook and does it really suck or what?

:'if you hate this stage set up... if this is what we have to look forward too- voice your opinion on Twitter & Facebook!" 

only one video can describe fans reaction at this moment-right

So from some fan reaction I have read or receiving is " I hate it: "don't like it -camera booms in the way" to "it's not that bad"  but is it good? jury still on the fence with stage design..Paul, IS, up close and personal for 2 songs.. that's it -so far.
. trying to get a comment from Rick Glover -Fans-On- The- Run,  what his thoughts are on the new stage design? ,,

couple fotos below from the Orlando gig last night. courtesy of Rick Glover....Another pic posted below of stage distance to floor from Belo Horizonte, Brazil..


Foto credit: Rick Glover- Beatle Fan Mag.  excellent shot of Paul McCartney & Abe Laboriel Jr.

Foto credit: Rick Glover Beatle Fan Mag.. Hello Orlando!!! nice Rick :)

pic courtesy of Carlos from Belo Horizonte- Brazil as posted on Paul

F! that is hella far  what do you think?

more things unveil

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