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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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Hey everybody, just got back from New York this past week...I was in Brooklyn  "YO" to see Paul McCartney the 1st of my stops this tour -'Out There'  I Love New York and the people of Brooklyn, very friendly.  I stayed off Dean street in a quaint lil brownstone.  I had visions of -Welcome Back Kotter as I sat on the stoop.. Coming from California, it was beautiful weather..When I arrived in New York,  it was pouring rain not just any type of rain, buckets of rain.. unfortunately, I did not bring any pants only shorts~ haha..Early morning Saturday the sun decided to peak its lovely head.. as I was talking to a lovely Brooklyn woman, loud music,  began to play at the corner church.. I'm sure you could hear this music half a mile away -   I sat there in the sun listening to the music  thinking, in  just a few hours from now I'll be seeing Paul McCartney--How cool is that ?


  We got ready and went to Barclay's Center for Sound Check on was joyous as always .. Paul,  played 'Birthday' to my surprise and a quaint lil song by George Fromby..the name escapes me.. Macca & The band were really into it ..They all seemed really happy.. I love when Paul is happy and when he is really into the music  . this sound Check, in my opinion, was the best ever .. really...I really enjoyed  "Every-night" & Bluebird' a great great sound check .. Thank You, Macca .. after sound check we went in for some eats.. show was to start in 40 minutes so we rushed to our seats. I was 3rd row center a great seat.. however, the main stage was quite far away than in normally is..with that sub platform.. Paul was too far away to be engaging with the crowd as he normally is.. Something just didn't seem right that 1st night .. Paul seemed like he was on auto-piolt and not there as if something was disturbing him? ..

So How Was The GIG- huh? 

Paul stepped out onto the  stage opening with "Eight Days A week" he looked 'hella cool' in that long black coat his hair was rockin!- ( as I screamed out at sound check- I like your hair Paul! ) Paul's looking pretty good these days..NICE

I'm sorry, but those front rows were a bunch of duds in my opinion.. some were having a good time . Perhaps some were in shock of seeing "Sir Paul"  C'mon people! y you're seeing Paul McCartney, enjoy yourselves.. Its OK to let loose and have fun ...LIVE!   and for some reason,   I felt,  that Paul could sense the crowd not knowing what to do? .. don't know - strange vibe.  It's a rock concert! enjoy it! .. a living legend!  I really loved the new additions to the set list "Listen to What The Man Said" which needed horns - 'Your Mother Should Know' ( are you freaking kidding Me?! ) YES!!,  'Another Day'  ( WOW!) Lovely Rita"  HI HI HI Right On Paul! a fresh set list- you done good!!  Some of these songs I never thought I'd hear Paul play ..evah eavh~

I always loved to hear Paperback Writer- I LOVE THAT SONG- and when they jam- out- in 'The Zone" "Oh Yeah"

Paul read one sign in the audience - something about "Please sign my Wife" haha.   Paul, mentioned 'I'm not going to sign your wife do you want me to get into trouble?' and mentioned loosing his career something or other it was funny.. Paul got on that dang platform for 2 songs only 'Here Today' & 'Blackbird' he was close to the first few rows for a few seconds.. as he rose higher & higher --As he played Blackbird -- lights on the platform showed a living silhouette of a bird & it's wings- that was beautiful... I still do not like the platform . ha~
Monday at Barclay's You'd thought the Beatles were on stage!

Wow! a complete change in the crowd Monday- and Paul and the band new it- felt it- The air was electric- maybe Jimi's spirit was there.. They fucking rocked the HOUUSEE!~ 

( I'll have to finish this up at a later date cos me- McCartney ( that would be me ) is leaving for Europe in the AM to catch Paul first stop in Warsaw, poland.. fucking excited ..alright?! Yep got lots of pics will post them also on a later date

PS. MPL.. Please please with a capital P ditch that sub-stage-- we like being up close & personal with Paul McCartney doesn't he love US anymore ? hahahaha  see you soon people!   I'm OUT x
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