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Friday, August 09, 2013

Outside Lands- whose ready?

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Outside Lands- whose ready?

Day 1--

It's 5:50am.. still waking up  drinking coffee and getting ready for work... dreading work actually... don't know if I'll make it for this first day of the 3 day event.. meaning, I'll be lucky to make it to see Paul McCartney's set ..kinda stressed right now about it ..  Lots of great bands I'd like to see today--- who I'm going to miss---an estimated 200,00 people will be attending over 3 days.. it's going to be a nightmare getting to Golden Gate Park on a Friday.. wished I had the day off..  good luck getting there..

from the 2nd row-- Outside Lands- DJ playing before Paul McCartney's set hella fucking people- you know it!

Friday got off at 3:30pm changed at work friend pics me up- and there was hella traffic on 101- off to 280 & highway 9 along the coast the beach getting to Outside Lands- the back way-- took almost 2 hours to get there whew barely made it... entered the VIP area to see a huge sea of people watching the previous act.. went to get myself a drink ( Bacardi & coke ) had no $$ a ATM was conveniently located next to the alcohol stand.. went to get money in the machine.. the options were $200 $210 $220 so on..  WTF! was this a misprint?-- couldn't get funds at first.. took out $200 bucks hoping I would loose it ..good thing I had my "Out There" back pack that really came in handy -- haha tried to get up as close as possible  to front row.....

 Paul's Team...

saw some of Paul's crew- Phil :)  security especially.. you could tell they were a busy people were flowing from behind/backstage-- lucky fuckers...and keeping an eye out for people with detachable lenses-- haha the pre-show started and the DJ was playing.. man, I almost missed this gig- missed the entire day.. happy to have made it there... I actually happened to get a piccie of one of Paul's head security-- the lovely & talented
. Mr. Mark Hamilton..-- why do I call him the lovely & talented?
The Mysterious-Mark Hamilton-Outside Lands

   in Paris 2004-- Brian Ray, Paul's guitarist, came over to my side of the stage-- calling out "Harley Harley"  he played a lil solo. SWEET!-. than threw down 2 guitar pics... I asked the security- not P Mac's mind you- almost screaming- to' give me the pics', give me the pics--- here comes this very  tall blonde guy built solid with glasses-- out from nowhere -he rips the guitar pics out of security's hands-- turns around opens my hand and gives me the pics closes my hand and  smiles-- I was shocked--wide eyed..a a a a-- thank you! I tell him..and he disappears.. after that date, I knew this guy--was a righteous cool dude.. Loved that!- yeah!
respect the security-- :) at times  Brian Riddle, another one of the security team.. is yelling up and down the street & not friendly at all.. guess he's doing his job-- not one to be nervous -Brian Riddle can be intimating..

kids, I tell you don't act all fucked up or drunk you'll get booted.. back to the "Lands" some guys were acting up and security  came round twice with San Fransisco police -- hoping over the fence in the front row.. something was going on? as Paul McCartney was on stage.. Hey? where was security-- when that drunk  guy kept pushing me all night & taking my hat at ATT park in 09?

having gotten to the festival late I couldn't get a great position..
It didn't help that very tall people were blocking my view from the front row.. one lady was saving spots for her hubby and her son.. both tall at the rail.. her son who had to be 19 or 20 was texting or checking his facebook thru-out the gig.. I almost said to him "wanna trade places" I was on the far right facing the stage.. in front of the screen.. so most of my pics came out like crap...damn!! so that is what I'll be posting from the show...It didn't help hat the camera boom was in the way & the lighting.. haha at me, I always have a bad time with camera's at gigs..

Paul McCartney & the band were on fire that first  night  .. I wonder how it looked from the stage.. as you can see from the pic top right.. there was a sea of people...

foto left-  and bottom right---the was an exciting gig.. I am spoiled not being front & center within the first few rows some wheres..

You got to see Paul live- if not once twice- the shows are amazing...

what I have noticed this tour.. Paul McCartney and his band are playing really solid with their rockers.. Love it myself..

He Paul-- think you could release the pre-show music... from all tours they rock!

My favs of the night Day Tripper- the Jimi Hendrix jam.. Paperback Writer-San Fransisco Bay Blues - Your Mother should know... Yesterday Lovely Rita- to name a few.. adding a few pics... now

video screen pic-when Paul steps out on stage

hard to take pics Paul McCartney Outside Lands

Day 2 Day 3

unable to go these two days trains stop at 8pm on weekends--- damn.. disappointed bought the 3 day VIP pass... next time I go I'm getting a hotel in the city-- watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers streaming now   ..oh well stuff happens...


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