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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

part 4 a Macca experience

We left & I spent a lotta money on Beatles stuff....Hey, I was in Liverpool what do you expect? Hehehe... I'm not sure what we did that night. Did we do anything? Hum...I dunno if we went to LIPA OR WAS THAT JOHN's ? NO..LOL.. I cant remember, Christ....well, we went ...ahhh... we went to the Cavern pub to listen to a local band Mersey something that was pretty good actually, everyone was dancing an carrying on...lots of energy, I asked them to play...HERE THERE & EVERYWHERE, so they did,....the pub closed at 11pm...which was quite it was that long walk back to the crummy Adelphi... heheheh

The next day, I believe swaying Daisy & myself
went walking around shopping for a bit that night was the concert @ Sheffield as we all were pretty excited not a lil but alot so we proceeded to get ready for the concert . I wore that infamous black MACCA hat & the rest of my ribbons in my hair this time just around my neck...when we were ready to split for Paul's gig we came walking out & the stares that I got from people some looked rather negative...oh my!! I cant HELP that I am we hoped onto the bus and started our way. Sam Leach Leach came with us

and told us a few stories, we then had a penny auction....some pretty cool stuff wouldn't you know it, I bid & won some damaged goods. I got 4 photos of Paul from New york...with flowers? a Beatle book from Canada, two promo piccies of Paul one was from pipes of peace, who knows about the other? A pretty big piccie of Paul with Wings ...Sam & Linda were in the photo too...I won a collectors set of RUN DEVIL RUN in 45's. I need that since I play 45's.....and some other things. I spent too much monies but that's a different finally after all that driving we arrive @ Sheffield!!~ omg woohooooooo!!~
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