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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

part 5 a Macca experience

Anyhow we jumped off the bus at Sheffield and began to walk around the arena area. I was getting quite a few stares, as you can imagine, wonder what the people were thinking? Swaying Daisy & I walked to the edge of the parking lot trying to find SARAH F.

In the crowd across the street was a tonage of peoples who were hanging outside a pub.... as we came back was the British media (Note: The original concert at Sheffield was cancelled because Paul lost his voice. It was re-scheduled May 31,2003)

We're lined along the chained fence; I turned to look their way as we being photographed...I then heard a voice in a fabulous voice say, "Harleyblues are you Harleyblues?
Lol! Yes, it was that fab girlie with the perfect eyeliner moondelight~It was nice to meet we began walking around some more, a gentleman came up to me and said, may I interview you? Sure I said.... are you British? No. You're American? Yes! Oh I was looking for British fans... Well, I said, I traveled almost 24 hours to come and see Paul. I came from the United States... Ok! He said stand over there...

So, there was maccascruff, & some other rude broad that was with the tour, he asked macca scruff & that woman what they thought of the baby news?
Great they said.... maccascruff also said something else...Then he came up to me & said "brilliant hat!" Thank you! Are you excited about the concert? Yes I am.... I'm from the United States...
How excited are you? I am very excited! A lot! Wooohooo, I said.

I looked into the camera and tipped my hat & said HELLO PAUL!! I’m wearing the hat!!
He said there you have it~ and the crowd began to cheer!!
So Swaying Daisy & I were walking around some more and a camera man walked up smiling, asked me to stay over there. So he began filming me, then down to my sign for a few minutes. I had no idea who this guy was with. I was too embarrassed to ask....

So, here I had piccies taken, interviewed and filmed at Sheffield- it was quit amazing actually!!! ~Woohoooo a lot a lot a lot! Finally, we went into the arena. The security was fab and like the way I looked. I was trying to find a bathroom for about a half an hour and finally went to buy a tour programme~ & something else, McCartney stuff of course! I don't remember...hehehe I went and sit down...

WELL WE WERE PROMISED WITHIN THE FIRST 10 ROWS @ BOTH GIGS!!! NOTE: ~ we were in the second deck, directly in front of the stage...I was miffed!!! ~ Paul came out did the HELLO GOODBYE~ during the middle of the gig he stated that he knew that there were other people from other countries there! ~ HELLO TO THE UNITED STATES!! ~ WOOOHOOO OUR BLOCK GAVE A YELL! WITH A BIGGIN OF A CHEER!! ~

So I practically danced every songy & sang of course, and by the end of the night I began to loose my voice!! ~ I hated to see the show we left and back on the bus for the long trek back to LIVERPOOL!~ they had a video on f**k BEAUTIFUL NIGHT~well hell the bus driver turned down the songy when it began to play~ beautiful night was on my poster...

I began to cry at the disappointment that had taken place with this tour~~cont.

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