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Thursday, June 14, 2007

First hand accounts of Tonight "Secert Gig" in New York 6/14 continues

Fiser writes:
So this will be my coolest post ever!!!!!!!! So I didn't get to go to the show. Nor did my girlfriend get to go.. BUT....BUT... My girlfriend's friend called her and said he couldn't hang out tonight because he had to work. She asked what he was doing and he said he was going to the after show party for Paul McCartney!!!!! It was a private event also! She asked if she could get in and he said he would call her or text her if she could. I told her to get her butt down there and to bring a camera and something to have signed. She didn't want to go unless she could get in. After more convincing, she decided to shower and head out.
*Photo courtesy of Tug*
She got there and was waiting by herself at the back door listening to the door guy and the police. Her friend still had not contacted her... So then she calls and says that another friend got her into the club! Then she texted me and said that the band just arrived! Then she called freaking out and blurted out I JUST STOOD SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH A FREAKING BEATLE!!!!! She didn't say anything because he had just arrived. Then I told her to call me later and have her phone ready and see if he would say hi to me all the way in Kansas City. She said she would try. Then she called me back and said that she was standing at the bar and asked the bartender to introduce her to Paul since Paul had spoken to the bartender. Then Paul turned around and introduced himself to her! and then said nice to meet you and have a great night. She told him happy birthday from me and he said to tell me thanks for remembering it! He then started to walk away then turned and said hey enjoy the rest of the night and come see me again soon in concert, I'll be in LA soon!

Then he went back to the other VIP room and she finally made her way to that room then promptly got kicked out because they said Paul was leaving. She was standing again by the bar and he walked past her and stopped then turned back put his hand on her shoulder and turned her around to him and said hey Katie nice to meet you I've got to go but have a great night! Then he left! I'm so excited for her and kicking myself for not going to NY. But if I was there it would have been harder to get us both in. I'm jealous for sure but way excited. She has hung out with a lot of famous people but this time she said that her legs were shaking and she was more nervous then ever before. She couldn't believe how nervous she was! She didn't get a picture or a autograph or make a call to me but she did meet him and talked to him twice.

She said he was very polite and very nice to everyone there and seemed very relaxed until the club got really packed. She was told that it was going to be about 150ppl but she said it had to be closer to 200 when he left and that is why he left... Oh well but i'm so excited right now! Phew she is even more awesome now! It's so great! Oh yeah I took out everyone's name and the job that her friend does to make sure they don't get in trouble... Man this is so cool. She said she totally owes me for making her go down and stand around for 45 minutes! I think that I don't owe her anything anymore.

Harleyblues take:
think Katie was excited to meet a Beatle? HELL YEAH! thatta girl!


Paz writes:

I was soon told to run to the box office as tickets were being handed out already! I could not believe my luck! Inside I was disappointed to learn that only 50 tickets had been handed out and that management was handing out no more. The situation seemed haphazard at best; no one really was sure why no more would be handed out, only that I should return the next day for
my wristband. I asked why some had been handed out and the friendly guy at the box office said something about the police wanting to clear the sidewalk of waiting fans. [/quote] A line started on Monday night, but cops in the area told the small line to either disperse or get arrested, they didn't want people on the street linin up.

So Tuesday morning at 5:30am we started to line up again, and the line grew to about 50 by mid-afternoon. We were all set to sleep overnight, but the weather was torrential at times. One guy from Highline let us run into the hallway during one downpour but then the mgr of the club said sorry but we had to leave because the group that was playing Tuesday night was bringing in their equipt at that time and they needed hallway cleared. People from the apartment bldg. were not too pleased we were camped out there all day and so when the toorential rains came again in the late afternoon, mgrmnt from Highline came out and said, they would be giving us each a ticket which we could exchange for a wristband the next day, so we wouldn't have to sleep overnight outside. They didn't want to have to deal with us being out there along with the line of fans and regular club goers for the show they would have Tuesday night. Plus the residents complaining. We had to show a photo id and have our name put on a club listing before we got the ticket.
*Tugs wrist Band 6/13*

The ticket was NOT a guarantee for a wristband if we were not there before 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. But if you were there before then, you would get a wristband. So we were glad we could go home and sleep after getting up a 4am Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning, they had two lines formed, one for those of us who were there on Tuesday morning and got the tkt to trade for wristband, and another line for those who lined up from Wednesday (3am, onwards). The radio contest winners were behind the Wednesday line. One girl on the tkt trade in line got the call from about being one of the winners on this site! Cool! We also found out that

LITE FM 106.7 NYC also ran a trivia contest all week, and one guy on the line literally won the last passes just a couple hours before the show! At 12:30 club mgmnt came out and gave us tkt exchange liners, each a number (they used coatcheck tkts for this) and this was the number we would be to go into the club at showtime. After we got the wristband and gave in our tkt from the day before, we were then able to leave and come back around 6 to line up in number order. The other line of people got their wristbands after the tkt exchange line was done. One bad thing that happend on Wednesday afternoon before the 12:30 wristband give outs.

One of the residents of the apartment bldg the lines were formed in front of, hurled a full plastic half gallon container of sour milk down on to the line and it hit some fans and splattered them with the milk. Anothr fan also said that bb's were shot from the apartment bldg also at the line. The police were called and they asked fans what had happened and then went in to talk to the apart. bldg's mgmnt. They also stationed a police car for an hour next to the line to keep an eye. Unblelievable what some people do. That thing could have seriously hurt someone if it hit directly on someone's head. And it stunk because of it being sour. Some fans bought Febreeze from supermart next to Highline to spray to get rid of the smell.

When Paul arrived and parts of the street were blocked off, some residents complained they couldn't get into the supermarket because of it. But they allowed only the shoppers to go through barriers to go into the store. One woman asked what was going on and when told she quipped: The rich get richer and we poor get poorer. Guess not a Paul fan.....ya think?!

harleyblues take:
whatta maroon, I'm sorry how can she dis Macca, like

stayed tuned
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