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Monday, July 23, 2007

Beatles Band use of songs on new reality tv Singin Bee

The Beatles Ban Singing Bee Bosses From Karaoke Covers

The producers of hit new TV karaoke contest The Singing Bee have been banned from using The Beatles and The Four Seasons hits on the show.
The fun show, hosted by former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone, gives audience members the chance to croon hit songs, and fill in the words when the karaoke mscreen goes blank.
The show has become a big hit in America, but some music industry executives are far from impressed - and they've refused to clear the classics for use on the programme.
Producer Phil Gurin says,

"There are certain artists who just don't clear for these kinds of shows - The Beatles being the number one.

harleyblues take:

Why? American Idol has used Beatles songs and eveyone elses music under the sun, On IDOL, what is the difference, I see none.

July 24
The "singing Bee" IS a funny music show give it a view> I met one of the producers of the show after the show in LA. "Paul McCartney's secret gig" at a British restaurant near The Amoemba on Sunset. We all sat there at a round table outside, worn out and drained, waitin on our food (great place, great setting) I don't remember his name at this moment but he was young. funny as hell, with black rimmed glasses so If your reading my blog "dude your right, the show is funny as hell"!
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