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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Have you seen Polythene Pam lately?

Have you seen Polythene Pam lately?

I haven't but I know her Aunt a lovely English women named Barbara. Somehow I always manage to bring up the Beatles or Paul McCartney in conversations. This past week I bumped into Barbara and she had mentioned the Beatles. You know they sang a song about my niece her name is Diane, something bout "She came in thru the bathroom window?" I said "No way!" you mean the song Polythene Pam off the album Abbey Road?

Barbabra, I'm not sure which album., I sang her a few bars, she laughed "yes that's the one "

Oh my god I said she is part of history I've always wondered since I was a kid who Pam was? hehehehe now I do. So Barbara brought me The Daily Mail weekend insert from 1994 and there in black in white, was Pam- Diane, she claimed she saw The Beatles 560 times from 14-17 years old she kept a tally in her diary. One time Paul's car broke down and Diane & her two friends pushed it.

Right before Paul had married Linda- Paul was away for a couple weeks the girls were bored and went to Paul's house went into a garden had found a ladder climbed in thru a bathroom window and fell into the sink. Paul's dogs were barking at her maddly so she went downstairs and let her mates in thru the front door, hehehehehe. Diane went thru the linen basket and got some dirty shirts that smelt of Paul! One for her and her two friends.( oh man, thats wild!)

The next time Paul saw them he said

"How would you feel if you went thru your wardrobe and didn't have a shirt to wear?" Paul never pressed charges.

Diane is married has 4 children & currently living in Spain she and her husband now run a nightclub. Barbara said she was going to write her niece and tell her about my blog and I would be writing about her. What a fantastic story and to be so close to Paul McCartney & The other Beatles amazing! So Diane (Polythene Pam) If you happen to read this lil snippet please leave us a message how incredible and beautifully funny memories for you!

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