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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bye Bye Bonds Isnt it a pity! is he a creep?

Bye Bye Bonds, Isn't a pity is he a CREEP?

Oh darn! Barry Bonds NOT returning to San Fransico Giants next season! Isn't it a Pity? Let Mr. Personality go, there are plenty of other potential contenders with talent in baseball without, under cover (steroid) scandal who should be recognized in baseball.

Marc Ecko, a fashion designer, purchased number 756 for $750,000 and is taking votes on the Internet on what he should do with it: 1.Give the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame,2.brand it with an asterisk or 3.blast it into space. hahahaha! If you'd like to vote on the balls fate click here

Here is what Bonds had to say reguarding Marc Eckos purchase a quote from San Fransico Chronicle:

"He spent $750,000 on the ball
and that's what he's doing with it?
What he's doing is stupid." Barry Bonds

ahh great answer Barry, geeez! (not) Isn't it a pity?

below for Bonds departure of the Giants-Since I could not find an actual George Harrison "Isn't it a pity" video I think I'll post this song below enjoy. Is Bonds a CREEP? Please leave your comments!

Aug 25th update:
hurry you have 40 minutes left to vote for the balls fate #756!
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