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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ok I get this new link BlogRush sounds great right!

Is it just me, Damn!
Ok now that I have spent 7 hours trying to fix my mistakes. The reason I found out my RSS feed was not working earlier is I was trying to join "BlogRush" I got this link from Chimeric Day Dreams and thought hey why not, more traffic for my blog right, linking blogs together and getting more traffic for all that sign up and join,woohoooo! for some reason the widget code I posted does not work, yet. I followed all the steps, now what the feezy? what did I do incorrectly? The site sounds promising "promting blogs and traffic" if you would like to see BlogRush yourself click here

here is a sample from BlogRush what not to do, ha!: You Make These Blog Rush Mistakes?

The Widget for BlogRUSH, now works thanx to the power of rebooting see blogRush Widget on my side bar BELOW! finally SUCCESS, yeah baby!
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