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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some of the best licks ever written from great artists!

Some of the best licks ever written from great artists part 1.

I thought it might be fun to post some of the "best licks & tunes" ever written, along with em fabulous Beatles. In coming weeks I will post music from all music genres This is part 1. Since Paul mentioned he liked Radiohead on Radio 1 this past week I thought I'd post this lil ol vid, Radiohead at Amnesty International. One kicken tune, haunting, melodic and? well you'll have to listen for yourself. Radiohead kicks-ass.

Paranoid Android-Radiohead
to be con....

ELO-Can't get it out of my head
look at Jeff Lynne without lenses. LOVE these guys. Nice to see Jeff at The Amoeba in LA Paul's secret gig. would love to tell Jeff what a GREAT artist he IS. ELO rawks!!

Try a little Tenderness-Otis Redding.
I was blow away when I first heard this song Lovin it. I wanted to post "Cigarettes & Coffee" by Otis but No cool vids for this soulful song damn! Otis Redding sure had a soulful voice didnt he? they don't make em like the old greats anymore.

Telephone line-ElO- Top of the Pops
Ok I just had to post another vid from ELO another brillant lil song by Jeff Lynne.The vid is a little rough but a great song.
The brillant thing about this band is they played their own intruments thats right, chello,viloin,horns the whole nine. Whoever said that Elo was the "poormans answer to the Beatles" well is dead wrong, there is nothing "broke" about ELO at all!
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