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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some of the best licks ever written from great artists part2!

Some of the best licks ever written from great artits part 2

Like a Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan A video montage
What would this thread be without this anthem "Like A Rolling Stone" brillant effin lyrics. given some LOVE to Bob Dylan. ONE of the greatest songs EVER!

Ball and Chain-Janis Joplin Big brother and the holding company.Montery Pop Festival.
One of Janis's best performances that pushed her to overnight Stardom. Man what a voice! blueys, soulful and ballsy!. Never will there be another Janis Joplin. notice Mamma Cass in awe. How do you follow up to that performance? wicked & insane I tell you. Love me some Janis.

Caruso-from the movie Caruso-Luciano Pavarotti
For the classical music lovers out there me included. Remembering the Maestro' a beautfiul song performed by Pavarotti, is this beautiful or what? What a voice this performance makes my hairs stand up on my arms, deep bravo! LOVE Luciano
to be con..
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