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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it rawked! part 3

Paul McCarney Paris 04 it rawked part 3

Gig day! Stade De France

I got ready running late, my effin ticket still hadn't arrived at the hotel, they said the ticket would be here that afternoon after I rang London. As I was about to leave a courier flew in..
MY TICKET!!! Happy feet snoopy dance.! so I split, walking down the street after about 15 Min's. I took a cab which took forever my gawd! this is a MACCA concert that I couldn't miss! when I arrived,..I had a beer and waited near the entrance looking for people that I knew.

A English security member approached me and said:

"Christina its not going to be a Beautiful night if it rains" Yes it will! I said.

we both laughed...the guy knew me? anyways I went in and had to tip that lady that seated me. Say what? so I was in block 16 row 8-8 rows back.. pretty good, than I heard HARLEY!!!!! It was the Liverpool gang guys I'm SO sorry if I forget names (the french girl that visits the board)and her Belgium hubby (She made a brillant sign!! lovely flags of France, Belgium,Union Jack and the states.

Tug of War Susan or Margo was there.. they were having a grand time as we all carried on speaking about our past concert quests. I wanted to sit with them but couldn't.. than I felt hands across my face it was Mary from Jersey that had won the Adopt a land mine tickets and sitting in the VIP section. Ahh, we all made it to Paris. I walked Mary back to her seat which was too far away for those expensive tickets... I would have kept her with me but hubby Mike was in the stands than as I went to sit in my seat.

here comes Heather, Missy and heathers entourage (Missy is Heathers security lady) Heather was really pretty in a red backless top & white pants.
The people around me were taking piccies of the my sign & asking about Heather and her autograph.. I met some rocker Chickie's behind me and asked them to give me email letter to Heather for Paul & Geoff Baker along with a card that I bought Paul in Gijon Spain.. the girls said it was from "Christina in the hat!"

yeah! great job girls... I stood up and said "Heather" like a broken record, she finally turned around and waved frantically & smiled like waving to an old friend...that was SO nice, that was pretty cool actually. At one point everyone ran too the stage there was room in the front. I ran too as did Heather~ ha! so the pre show started Heather was dancing having a blast!

Paul came out signing JET and everyone began to run towards the stage...and so did I! Now I was 2 rows back in front of me was Heather & Missy and their friends. There was a jerk guy that kept pushing.. and I said "dude quit pushing!" Missy looked back and said to him your not going nowhere.. I was like relax to this guy. I said your a big dude & we are just women be nice!

ahh man Paul was SO happy and he kept winking at Heather and smiled at me.. and gave me thumbs ups & nods and winks. as if to say "there is Me fan in the black hat" lmfao. Heather kept looking around and so was Missy they were nice alot alot!

When Paul sang GET BACK.. after the song I said Get Back Paul woohoo get back!
Paul laughed & Heather smiled and she looked back and gave me a thumbs up, of course I was yelling woooohooo yeah for the band they RAWKKKKKKKKKED!!!!! Rusty didn't look too happy too me.. except when the youngster rocker chicks were dying as he played yelling their lungs off... well
"giant man" finally made Missy mad.. she turned around, smiled than said:

''will you get your hand off my ass!!!" Oh my gawd, I almost died... I smiled at her and she winked. when Paul sang HERE TODAY! Paul sang

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU 4 times.. the crowd cheered! but I didn't get teary this time. than "all things must pass".. well you know I had to say it.

WHAT ABOUT RINGO!!!! so we all started in Yellow submarine.. Heather & Missy were sing`ging too...
to be cont...
side note: I wonder if Heather gave Paul the email letter & the birthday card in Spanish to Paul?
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