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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two of my all time Fav Paul McCartney & Wings tunes!

Two of my all time fav Paul McCartney & Wings tunes!

I'm not quite sure as to why these are two of my all time Wings tunes? could it be the catchy lyrics, the hook, the beat or the intros? Perhaps these are memories when I was a young kid. If you like em please leave a message.

Day Time Night time suffering- Paul & Wings
set to cartoon the only version of this song I can find Love this song one of Paul McCartney's best!

Let em in-Paul McCartney & Wings Japan 1990

damn the vid is a little choppy but some great shots of Paul at his Piano, Linda and Wix. Also included another song you might be fimliar with. One of my all time Fav wings tunes!
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