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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it Rawked!

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it Rawked!

part 1
OK kids its Monday night & I get up in a few hours to go to Paris a very last minute deal super persuaded by some friends!!!~ I hope to see The Band & Paul.. well at this point anything would be fine with me.. I guess there is a meet up at The HardRock Cafe after the concert!!~ and the Hotel Abassador Opera after that. You can find me under Harleyblues or Christina blah blah blah if you know me last name.. I'm excited but I cannot find Podgie anywhere to stuff in my suitcase!!~ I wish all my mates well.. as you know who you are I have a small note to give to Paul & Geoff Baker via Sam Leach!~ lets see if that will happen who knows what will fly at this gig!~ or mischief I might get myself into. Be well everyone and I will post once I am in Paris.. Ciao ~Harleyblues~
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