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Friday, October 19, 2007

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it rawked! part 2

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it rawked! part 2

Getting here.
I was stuck in the airport for 3 plus hours.... I couldn't get help and the phones didn't work. Top it off my freaking ticket isn't here yet! (for the gig) Anyways, I decided to walk around Paris late 10:30 pm- 11:00pm towards the Ritz as I approached this spectacular hotel; I notice a man leaning up against a post smoking a cigarette. Actually, it was a fence around a huge sculpture at the Ritz.

I did a double take.. I said John?. he said yes, kinda smiled. I said "you work for Paul right?"... Yes, he said.. I introduced myself and said "I'm the one in the black top hat if you have seen me".. oh yes. he said.

I asked where Paul was- and that WE NEVER SEE HIM OUT ANYWHERE!!! (John that is) he said : "because I'm usually with the boss". we both smiled.. I asked were the band was? he said, "out & about carrying on" lol.. I said that I had been in Gijon 3 weeks earlier this is my 4th country to see Paul in.. I felt bad, like I was bothering him. I asked,

"where can we bump into Paul just to say hi?" he said "it was the luck of the draw to bump into Paul.. security and everything".

  I said one minute you see Paul driving by waving, next thing you hear is Paul is stopping to say hello to fans and signing autographs.. I showed him the note that Sam Leach had written to Paul & Geoff Baker.. he wanted to know where Sam was from? I told him Liverpool of course!

I printed the email.. per Sam, so nobody thought I was lying, you know.. gosh, I forgot what I was saying. John was nice enough. I said "Geoff is sooo nice- that you gotta love him".

I was to give the note to Geoff per Sam.... lol.. he seems very quite and serious. John read the email but wouldn'r accept it! I than asked if he could tell Paul that I was here? he said he could not. Man what a bummer!
He said "nice meeting you, enjoy the show" and took off towards the hotel. I swear I wanted to cry!!
I didn't see Paul or the band, if your wondering? I really wanted to see them. Than my cannon wasn't working, what luck?~it was late at night 11:30 pm.. I just sat around the square for a bit wondering where the hell the band was? sitting around the cow piccie exhibit, working on my 35mm attempting to get it to work.

My initial thoughts 14 hours to get to Paris, my ticket for the gig isn't at the hotel, I just ran into John Hammel who wasn't too friendly, kinda aloof. equals!!!!
major disappointment!

to be con.
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