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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paul McCartney to play Electric Proms London

Paul McCartney to play the Electric Proms in London

Yesterday Paul McCartney played the Olympia theater, now Paul is off to play
The Electric Proms in London ,October 25 mark your calenders! When fans had heard about Macca playing the Proms earlier this month they went crazy in an attempt to register online with the Roundhouse & Electric Proms websites. Somehow the Roundhouse website went "live" and a few "very lucky fans" got thru and were able to purchase tickets and sold out within a few minutes.

Later on in the month fans from all over the world gathered once again, on their phones and computers attempting to get thru for hours for a last chance effort to see Macca in London. At $25 give or take per ticket, when is the last time you saw Paul McCartney for that amount?

Per Paul McCartneys official webby this morning, registered users recieved an email stating tickets had been released for the upcoming Electric Proms gig. This will be Paul McCartney's last gig for this year!

Damn! Wish I had the funds to fly to London and see Paul one more time!
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