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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Beatles entire catalog available next year online

The Beatles entire catalog available next year online

Now that is something to look forward the Beatles entire collection available for download~
should proove interesting there is SO much Beatles music to be heard. There's the UK releases & Th US releases that vary, will these be by album or singles? mono or stereo? well we will have to wait and see!
Im glad that FINALY some have come to an agreement here. I still miss the good ol 45's & Lp's with all their cracks and bumps, when you put the needle on the record the lil sound before the first cut begins. I like records and their cool album covers. What ever happened to em, all the digital stuff, has music lost it's mastery?
Wow trip there is a ad on my blog they have a record, cd player & cassetes all in one!~ see add on my blog on left. I went to check it out and thats pretty nifty gadget to have. I think I'll save for this one,very cool beans indeed!
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