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Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging to Fame my Blogs have been nominated!

Blogging to Fame my Blogs have been nominated!

Wow weee was I shocked when I went to vote for a blogger and their blog when I noticed my blogs lil nomination on the Blogging to Fame webby.
I don't know how far I will get?I'm happy I made it this far.
I believed nobody was paying attention to my blog.

Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon and The Beatles and Everyone who Loves them blogs
have made it too nominations at Blogging to Fame!.
Can I just say "Dude that Rawksss!"

You know, I'm excited that I have made it this far! With all my technical difficulties, to not getting all the blogging stuff down like, labels and all the lingo and what to do next? I do not have labels on my sidebar because it's like a mile long! I have tried it ha!I'm almost at a loss for words right now.

It's hard to put into words for all the hard work I have put into my blogs for the last 6 months. I talkin all day & night at times. Sometimes I get lost blogging and neglect others parts of my life as I have posted before.

My passion for The Beatles & Music is why I keep on attempting to blog everyday, to have fun online, to hopefully make you laugh, to create excitement for you and to share my Love of The Beatles and other things I believe in.

Music is a universal language that has no boundaries which helps people come together. Some people have told me they have never heard of the Beatles before? I'm glad I can provide some offerings of my passion.

I wanna thank Nellie Apple who pushed me to start this "bloggin bidnizz" anyways. I still have a lot to learn about this bloggin business so I keep on pounding these keys lol.

I'm not going to ask for support to give me a vote cuz your not paying attention to what I say any ol way, you out there readin my blog lol
Please do keep visiting my blog, I hope you have a good time here-Wooohooo

I'm taillights

The HotStepper-Ini Kamoze when was last time you heard this cut? most haven't I bet.
was gonna post some Lil John but too naughty in lyrics enjoy the vid!
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