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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fav Beatles tunes for Bloggers! prt3

Fav Beatles tunes for Bloggers! prt3

Continuing my tribute to other bloggers that LOVE the Beatles with their blog links and names, This next video is different, a Beatles mix of sorts, well check it out for yourself. it's pretty cool scratch that effin cool! I must say I lovin this remix again~

For the Benefit of Mr. Kite ReMix-The Beatles for Dan his blog at Musicforhumans

Drive my Car live-Paul McCartney for Eric his blog at we buy used cars
dang my computer wiped out! lol now I have to repost the links and vid~

I want you-She's so heavy from the movie soundtrack Across the Universe
Man doesn't the female vocals sound like Delana from Rock starr INXS, it does huh? anyhow a great version but no vid~damn!
For OneEyedView this is their blog link don't know their name tho? lol

Yesterday-The Beatle live and one of Paul McCartney's timeless master piece's
for Cindy her blog at Art work by Cindy Hesse for Belly Dancin girl her blog at BellyDancersdiary

If I Fell-The beatles from the movie a hard days night for Mark anthony-his blog at
Hotel Mark
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