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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Does this ever happen to you the Lag effect of Procrastination?

Does this ever happen to you the lag effect of Procrastination?

Lagging, I have this bad habit of putting things off until the last minute. Ok some may call it procrastination call it what you may. I'm the spur of the moment kinda girl.
I keep notes on pieces of paper and also phones numbers, if I do not already input these numbers in my cell fone.

lol I keep things in stacks or piles and I am not organized, whats that? I know it's a bad habit like smoking or anything that you cannot stop doing, ha.

I focus most of my off time blogging and being on the net, neglecting other areas of my life like cleaning house, paying bills, or hangin out with my peoples.

I suppose it's an escape from the daily grinds of life but if I had my way I'd be in Europe trippin around over there. There is so much info and fun to be had on the net, right?

If you do not have the monies you can search the world over and visit other people and their countries via the web.
One day I spent hours on Craig's list looking at property around the world in awe of property for sale in Paris. Italy London& Hawaii.
(I aspire to own property one day that's if I win the lottery, you do the math)

If this was to happen I'd hire a maid to do the house work, a personal assistant to write down all my messages & my todo's and a Real estate agent to buy property where I live, the Bay area and a flat in London. So until than I must do this myself-ha! So this weekend is here is my todo list

clean the pad
perhaps do a lil bit of laundry
work on a Christmas Beatles project for another blogger
and post my final installment of Paris 04 McCartney gig ( I have seriously lagged on that lol)
Like they say the first step is admitting you have a problem than have a game plan of action!

ta for now
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