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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Phill Collins to never work with Paul McCartney

Phill Collins to never work with Paul McCartney

If you haven't read on the net by now, Phill Collins refuses to ever work with Paul McCartney again, why? he doesn't like the direction Paul's music is going in. Huh?

"McCartney's current 'musical direction' does not match his own high standards."

When is the last time Phill Collins made any music, that was "Note" worthy, Can you say Genesis? Do we really give a shit? No. What high standards does Collins hold?

I suspect Mr. Collins is a lil green with envy, because Macca is all over the media,

Phill is not. What, with Paul's latest 2 albums & DVD releases:

Ecce Cor Meum, Memory Almost Full & The McCartney Years. Not to mention the secret gigs in London, Paris, & New York. The Electric Proms event in London and the smart lil commercial for ITUNES who wouldn't be a lil envious of Macca? Paul's over the map.

note: Phill, if you want publicity, I suggest you try another way, say like writing a new album that is "Note" worthy, rather than slamming Paul McCartney.
Carry On Paul, Carry on!
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