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Monday, December 31, 2007

Upper Room Church an update, Bill Gates Foundation rejects Church in need!

Upper Room Church an update, Bill Gates Foundation rejects Church in need!

You know I received a nice lil message from
Tammy Rodriguez Youth Pastor of the Upper Room Church in Hayward. Evidently they had received an email from the "Bill Gates Foundation" rejecting their claim!

OK, WTF? Pardon the Pun, but Bill Gates has more money than God! Why in the world would his foundation, reject a little churches request of help? You might be saying well, everyone needs help? Well, Yes but this is a lil Church a small place or worship, a place for people to gather, a place who brings comfort & joy, Peace and Love into people's lives.

Cannot someone out their help them out?

The freakin Government is throwing billions in Iraq killing people, for what?

but these people cannot get help from a corporation here in Silicon Valley? OK, this is a local hot button issue here people, Why not pass this lil post to everyone you can, Stumble it, Digg it, give them my link to my blog here, Perhaps if we make some noise, OK a lot of noise, with YOUR help someone might pay attention and listen?

I'd hate to see this Church closed down because of corporate greed and an unwillingness to help its neighbor and other fellow Americans. Don't mess with God's house, I tell you these places are scared, I really feel for these people here.. here is my orginal post here

Reach out & Touch Yolanda Williams

Past week at the Annual Kennedy Center Honors. It was brillant, Yolanda paying tribute to Diana Ross. Yolanda is a Gospel singer. I dedicate this lil song to The Upper Room Church
be blessed guys~

News report of the Upper Room church, Hayward~

If you know of anyone who would like to give aid to this church in need, contact
Upper Room Church in Hayward, I'm sure they would be most grateful~
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