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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton National Town hall meeting

Hillary Clinton National Town hall meeting

Check this out, this is cool, ask Hillary a question.

On Monday, February 4, Hillary will answer Americans' questions in an unprecedented national town hall giving voters in Super Tuesday states the chance to make their voices heard.
The town hall will air on Hallmark Channel and be streamed online at Hillary will anchor the town hall in New York, while President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and national and local surrogates will serve as hosts at events in the other states.

Do you have a question for Hillary? Submit it by completing the form on the right, and you could travel to New York to ask Hillary your question -- in person. The campaign will pick one person to go to the town hall to ask their question and meet Hillary backstage after the event! click here

ok, so you know Harleyblues has a question for Hillary and here it is:

Hello Hillary
"besides the current issues we are facing in America, how will you go about bridging the gap between the the Rich & the dwindling Middle class who are now becoming the working poor at a staggering rate who also are living, pay check to pay check?"
This IS my biggest concern, besides the current issues you have spoken about America is now facing.

Christina Giannoni
Sunnyvale, Ca

ps. I am posting this question on my blog also Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon.
Shoot, I'd still like to ask Bill Clinton a question about Paul McCartney...hehehehe
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