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Saturday, February 02, 2008

No they didn't compare Cyrus to the Beatles?

No they didn't compare Cyrus to the Beatles ?

Did Good Morning America actually ask the question if Mylie Cyrus is the next big thing to the Beatles the other day?
Say what? I did a double take when I heard this via TV. Can you say bullchips, are they kiding me? ha, there is no freakin comparison, obviously producders at GMA are tone deaf.

If you do not know who Mylie is (I hadn't either until just recently, they are pimpin promo about this girl all over the place) she is the daughter of Billie Ray Cyrus, a country singer of sorts who appeared on Danicing with the Stars most recently.

The Beatles- a Melody

The only ones that could possible be compared to the Beatles is the Rolling Stones, period. Sheesh Britney Spears had a better voice and stage presence than this girl at this age just keepin it real, you know I'm speaking the truth .

Rolling Stones- Paint it black

If you wanna make comparisons,compare this girlie to someone in the same genere, not the Beatles. The Beatles changed the world,the face of music,lets not forget the musical genius of the fab four just for starters..

Mylie Cyrus is a manufactured bubble gum pop girl. I'm not even going to post a vid of Cyrus just in case you thought I might, but will of The Beatles & The Stones
Let's take it back some.
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