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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Sunday!

Superbowl Sunday!

Ok kids it's Superbowl Sunday! lets just cut to the chase, alright. I'm going with the underdogs The New York Giant's, on this one.
The New England Patriot's have had their day in the sun, now it's the Giant's time to shine, if I had to choose.
Yes, Tom Brady is the local boy from my own home town, but I still have to go with the Giant's.

I'm a Raider/Steelers fan and my Steve is a 49er fan. Real tho-I donot want the Pats to touch the 49er's & Bill Walsh's Superbowl legacy, well, I hope they don't catch em. If they do, good for em. and they'll deserve it.

lol back later for more.
Go Giants!
ok highlights for me so far
1. Russel Crowe and his tribute to perfection, that was brillant, he even included the Beatles lol
2. Frank Caliendo, this guys kicks ass!~ " The Giants are usually full of bull, but today they are full of the Superbowl", no he didn't?
3. Ok am I the only one who noticed that Jordan Sparks lip sang the Star Spangled Banner, what's up with that, that's almost sacreligious?
4. Tribute to Bill Walsh, that's nice~ LOVE Ronnie Lot even tho he was a 49er!~ lol
I'm tailights
5, Sack sack sack sack Brady, dannnng!
Wtf! Oh man I was praying hard on that last drive the Giants made that happen THEY deserve to win. excellant defense.
Yea! The GIANTS won the freakin Superbowl!!!! woooohooooooo I called it and a righteous win for the Giants that was, they played a brillant game with alot of heart!
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